The Captain SIB Show

The Captain SIB Show Episode 81 – Poke Yourself In The Eye Challenge

The Captain SIB Show returns this week with an eye poking serving of musical medication for your delight. Gather round and lets place on once more those tin foil suspenders for this weeks amazing collection of talents. Your ears this week shall hear the superb Desperate Hero, Spaceship Days, WJAX

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The Captain SIB Show Episode 80 – Bonging in the Moonlight

The Captain SIB Show is back with another blend of musical medication to blow the tin-foil oot yer Granny. Be sure to hear the new song from Late Cambrian and Civilized Tears. Listen out for some new names including Be Like Pablo, Nishe, Hollie April and Mark Blacknell amongst others.

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The Captain SIB Show Episode 79 – Taking Away The Pain

This week Captain SIB are taking away the pain of those daily chores and have unwrapped a sock full of thee freshest and most exciting new music available around the globe, . Make sure to prepare your ear-holes for the likes of Here Come The Mummies, Porcupine, Moneypenny and SVB

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The Captain SIB Show Episode 78 – The Crippling of SIB

Some say we have went nuts, that may indeed be the case, if I could find the key I’d open the case to find out, but friends relax as we bring to you 29 SONGS IN OUR SUPER MEGA EYE-POKING SHOW. It was meant to be 30 but ole SIB

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The Captain SIB Show Episode 77 – It’s a Fake Obsession

Welcome one and all to another whirlwind dose of the finest in musical medication. We can’t guarantee that the evil Foot Clan won’t try and suck away your inhibitions, but we do find it our duty to provide you with some awesome music to blow their minds. Check out our

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