The Captain SIB Show – Episode 43 – Fortune Tellers

Greetings music lovers. We were expecting you. For our crystal ball foresees many things.
In fact, many of this weeks bands came to us in a vision. Yes. Destiny had played its hand and given us some great music for your mystical ears.
Having another spin on the show are Offset Season who, we predict, will be tearing up the night. We have gone all gypsy and found Richy McKay. A talented soul from our homeland of the Scots.
The music is flowing thick and fast through the ether, so grab your balls and dance, magic dance.
Please check out all of the bands below and don’t forget our ReverbNation Band of the Month, Shannon, who has the good fortune of winning this prestigious title.
Captain SIB live in Facebook. Seriously. We sleep under the bins just outside it. Join us there and tell all of your friends.


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Joining us this week are…

  • Offset Season – Tearing Up The Night
  • Half Moon Run – Judgement
  • Holmes – I Will Never Be Free
  • Miasma – The River
  • Racing Glaciers – South
  • Richy McKay – Bloody Broken Bones
  • Hope and Social – Rolling Sideways
  • Zelazowa – Numbers
  • Bonsai Trees – Shovels
  • The Ourz – Midnight Friend
  • Orange Avenue – Fortune Teller
  • Shannon – Rainbeaus

  • Shannon MacDonald can be also be found on her ReverbNation Page
  • Offset Season can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Tonight” from Bandcamp
  • Half Moon Run can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Dark Eyes” from their bandcamp page.
  • Holmes can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Burning Bridges” from their bandcamp page.
  • Miasma can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Feathered Feet” from their bandcamp page.
  • Racing Glaciers can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Racing Glaciers” from their bandcamp page.
  • Hope and Social can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Sleep Sound” from their bandcamp page.
  • Zelazowa can be found on facebook
  • Bonsai Trees can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Bonsai Trees” from their bandcamp page.
  • The Ourz can be found on facebook
  • Orange Avenue can be found on facebook too.
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 20 – Keeping up with the Joneses…

    Welcome one and all to another episode of the best rock podcast available anywhere.
    This week we have the return of some friends. Warner Drive enthral us once more with their track “OK K-GO”.
    Listen out for our 2 Scottish acts this week. Close friends of the SIB are Alabaster Jones, some jive diving funk is what you will here from them. Also after a chance meeting we introduce Afterlife.
    A special song from Canada comes from the Bombs. This track was originally co-wrote by Stuart from Captain SIB and his Canadian cousin Ryan from Bombs.
    Remember to vote SIB and tune in next time for a chance to win 2 signed Fozzy CD’s.



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  • Zelazowa Autumn
  • Tim Bennett UnAmerican
  • Dangermaker Looks Good
  • Alabaster Jones Grease the Wheels (Bring me the Butter)
  • Jimmy Kane Better Days
  • The Longest Day Monochrome
  • Warner Drive OK K-GO
  • Venture Let It Go
  • Afterlife Afterlife
  • Vajra Erode the Will
  • Bombs Shining in it’s Rough

  • Zelazowa’s new album, “Love Is Lunacy
    ” is available on, Amazon
    and other online
  • Watch Alabaster Jones play Glasgow’s King Tuts on the 24th
  • Jimmy Kane is supported by OMC Records
  • The Longest Day are endorsed by SONTRONICS MICS
  • 2 tracks from Varja’s new album “Pleroma”, are available through their BandCamp

  • The Captain SIB Show Episode 13 – Solving the debt crisis…

    Welcome one and all to thee best indie podcast on the web. We are 100% home-grown entertainment and the only medication you need.
    This week we shall take a look at how to solve the worlds debt problem. The crazy voice answers the Kings of Leon’s request for a sexual romp, oh indeed this cant be missed. Great bands from Scotland this week with a couple of SIB-clusives.


    To download just right click download and save link/target as…

    Also, be sure to check out The LaFontaines facebook for their new video.

    On this show you will hear…..

  • Fitzy Feelin Alright
  • Oswald Home
  • The Red Show I Sent Her Demons
  • Carry the Tradition Indecision
  • Ben Rusch As Good As It Gets
  • Brendan Benson Folk Singer
  • Zelazowa You Say Love
  • The LaFontaines Paper Chase
  • Applespacebar Now or Never
  • Soundtrack to a Blockbuster Towers
  • Kobi Masquerade
  • NOTE:

    Fitzy are Managed by Platform Productions

    The Red Show come thanks to Pop Pills records

    Brendan Benson is Managed by Whitesmith Entertainment

    Carry the Tradition on Facebook

    Peace and happy Sibbings to all.

    The Captain SIB Show Episode 6

    Welcome all of our faithful listeners to episode 6.
    As we quickly discover, Doobies spring is still busted in his seat.
    This show kicks of with a fantastic new song from Zelazowa, a hot new band rocking their way through Philadelphia and the world.


    The crazy voices within the mind of old Doobs give us some wise advice with regard to bathroom activities.
    Watch out for Dress to Kill, who have now became The Flex, find them on myspace under Flex Official.
    With another appearance from the egyptian funk gods, Here Come the Mummies plus a new song from Miles Winter Roberts this show is one to catch.

    Let Captain SIB guide you towards the world of music, produced in their own special way, the best in podcasting madness.

    You will hear…

  • Zelazowa Swimming Pool
  • Dress to Kill The Power
  • Brendan Benson Don’t Wanna Talk
  • Zenith Day by Day
  • Dear Mountaineer The Hare Versus The Bear
  • The Bloodpoets Sunny Day
  • Here Come The Mummies Jailbait
  • We Could Build an Empire Easy
  • Miles Winter Roberts Mouth of my Imagination
  • Left Standing Revolution
  • Dennis Holseybrook Rainbows End
  • Monster Magnet 100 Million Miles
  • Big thanks to Readymade, Sphinxter, Chocolate Box and Napalm Records


    The Captain SIB Show – Episode 3 – Music falling from my ass

    Welcome to episode 3 of The Captain SIB Show
    In this episode we find Iain getting right down to it. Has his medication been changed?
    There is plenty of new music from Scotland and an excellent 2 track special from the ancient egyptian gods of funk Here Come the Mummies


    The voices are coming into their own and it almost seems like he is becoming comfortable with his new friends.
    Listen as stories are told, from eye poking to Mongolian marshmallows.
    Subject matter is somewhat a mystery. You will find yourself laughing with sympathy for old Doobie Doo. You may feel the urge to run around in circles wearing nothing but tin-foil pants, that is ok in the land of SIB.

    You will also hear this lot…

  • Dress To Kill Pay Our Rent
  • Annie Stevenson Freedom Town
  • The Roboteers On the Edge
  • ZelaZowa Autum
  • Solstice Coil  Singalong Deathtrap
  • The Red Show Woman Divide
  • Trails By Night We Escape
  • Here Come the Mummies Pants
  • Here Come the Mummies Freak Flag
  • Tim Bennett Anybody
  • Longest Day Breath More Air