The Captain SIB Show – Episode 67 – Sellotape and Other Sticky Devices

free rock podcastsWelcome one and all to a gloopy trip through the world of undiscovered, new music. For your aural enjoyment this week we have Grandfather Birds, The October Game, Lost Without Cause and many more.
So wrap your head up in some sticky tape and thrash to the beats of madness. It’s the Captain SIB Show.



Joining us this week are.

  • Walking With Kings – Leap Of Faith
  • The October Game – Built This Wall To Destroy It
  • Face The King – You, Me & the Sound
  • Dennis Cahlo and the Change – Through The Garden And The Feilds
  • Grandfather Birds – The Woods
  • Secret Lie – Love Me Until The End Of Time
  • Velcro Mindset – Caveman
  • For Everest – Levitcus
  • The Undivided – This New Day
  • Lost Without Cause – Right Angle
  • Show Notes.

  • Walking With Kings can be found on Facebook Download their album for free from their website
  • The October Game can be found on Facebook Pick up the new album “Balancing” from Scylla Records
  • Face The King can be found on Facebook You can pick up their EP “The Sound” from bandcamp
  • Dennis Cahlo and the Change can be found on Facebook you can pick up their Album “Songs From The Sea” from bandcamp
  • Grandfather Birds can be found on Facebook you can pick up their music from bandcamp
  • Secret Lie can be found on Facebook
  • Velcro Mindset can be found on Facebook
  • For Everest can be found on Facebook you can pick up their Album “For Everest Go Pop” from bandcamp
  • The Undivided can be found on Facebook you can pick up their music from bandcamp
  • The Undivided can also be found on thanks to Emma Scott over at In At The Eye Records, check them out for some awesome music
    Lost Without Cause can be found on Facebook
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 41- Reptilian Overlords

    Captain SIB - Free Rock PodcastsWelcome one and all to another episode in our amphibious journey through the oceans of musical delight.
    Coming back to us are the amazing Baroness, who are luckily recovering from a serious bus crash a couple of weeks ago. We here in the land of SIB wish the lads well.
    Injecting some sunshine into your veins are the talented Reptile Youth. Hobbling along in true SIB fashion are One Leg Mary. We hear more from Miles Winter Roberts and the mighty Walking With Kings.
    There are some incredible bands this week so break out the tin-foil, micro-chip your population and bow down before your nefarious masters as Captain SIB take you further down the rabbit hole than ever before.


    To download the show simply right click on download and save link/target as.

    Professional Short-Run CD & DVD Production

    Joining us this week are…


    Captain SIB Show – Episode 30 – Twisted Hot-dogs…


    Rock PodcastsWelcome one and all to another dose of Captain SIB’s musical medication.
    This week we have stirred the magical cauldron of music beyond compare and found ourselves wandering aimlessly into invisible lamp-posts, but we have some fine bands.
    Returning once more are our friends over in Walking With Kings along with the funky H-Beam, Radio Drive and The Semis.
    We have a great selection of bands from the UK this week. Listen out for The Last Republic, who are making waves through the music scene with great support from their following.


    Hot Topic Music Tees

    Savage Outlaw are a band we look forward to hearing more from in the future along with The Electric Modern.
    Roadside are releasing a Charity single on April 16th, with all donations going
    to Scope (cerebral palsy) and Derriford Hospital cardiac ward. We have te song in the show this week, show your support.
    Sit back and make your own decisions. Smash your granny in the teeth and lock up that hamster.


    On this weeks show we have.

  • Walking with Kings – Leap of Faith
  • The Shiny Darks – Stab At Love
  • The Last Republic – The Fear
  • Symphony State – Here In My Room
  • Savage Outlaw – Twisted Romeo
  • The Electric Modern – Lets Get Away
  • H-Beam – The Tasty Plight of Portillo the Hot-dog
  • Roadside – Give It Up
  • Radio Drive – Money You Don’t Own Me
  • Andy Gallagher – I Should’ve Stayed In Bed
  • The Semis – Livin Dyin Blues
  • Show Notes :

  • Get yourself a copy of the fantastic debut album from Walking With Kings.
  • Catch up with The Shiny Darks on Facebook and find yourself a free track.
  • Keep up to date with The Last Republic on Facebook and find their album ‘Parade’ on Amazon.
  • Check out the Savage Outlaw website for lots of info.
  • Kick back with The Electric Modern on Facebook.
  • Pick up H-Beams “Useful Box of Hair” on Itunes
  • Roadside’s charity single will be released on April 16th with all donations going
    to Scope (cerebral palsy) and Derriford Hospital cardiac ward.. Keep up to date with them on their facebook.
  • Radio Drive on Facebook.
  • The Official Andy Gallagher facebook page.
  • Cruise around with The Semis on Facebook.
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 25 – Crashing through your village…


    Welcome one and all to another bizarre and exciting episode of our ground breaking podcast. Its been a historic week when the people of on-line earth made themselves heard and saved the internet from certain doom. SOPA fell down and broke his crown and PIPA came tumbling after. Good times ahead for freedom of speech indeed.
    Now on with the show.


    Making their first time appearance on are the hugely talented Old Skins Band. Keep a wee ear open for their song ‘Backdoor’.
    Warner Drive’s superb track ‘Hey Mister’ deserved another blasting so it has been flung in there with great flingy’ness.
    The new album from Walking With Kings is available now and is a total belter. We play a track in tribute to their rockability.
    A few bands are heading off on tour very soon so make sure, if you are rocking in the UK, you catch Jettblack and Attack! Attack! when they crash through your village.

    Sit back and share this musical delight.

    On this weeks show…

  • Bombs – Shining In It’s Rough
  • The Flex – Feet On The Ground
  • Katie Kerkhover and The Die Nasties – Vicious Me
  • The Cannon Logic – Howl in the Night
  • Warner Drive – Hey Mister
  • Walking With Kings – Here I Stand
  • Jettblack – Get Your Hands Dirty
  • Attack! Attack! – My Shoes
  • The Old Skins Band – Backdoor
  • DoDriver – Read It Wrong
  • EarlyRise – Become Mad
  • 3 Fold Pain – Will Be The End
  • Show Notes.

  • Get yourself some new music with a free download of The Flex’s new single, “Feet On The Ground”
  • The stunning Katie Kerkhover come to us thanks to Big Khaos Music
  • Download “Howl in the Night” by The Cannon Logic free from their website and follow them on their Facebook.
  • Head over to and sign up to their mailing list to receive a free track. It’s a cracker!!!!
  • Massive thanks to SpineFarm Records UK for bringing us Jettblack. Remember to check their tour.
  • As well as their tour, Attack! Attack! Have a new acoustic album on it’s way. Get your pre-order now.
  • You can catch The Old Skins Band on their Reverbnation page also.
  • Big thanks to Hassle Records
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 21 – Fozzy and friends…

    Welcome one and all to our very special episode 21. This week we focus our musical findings on the mighty Fozzy. We have created, for you, a rock show unlike any other. Turn it up and crack open your favourite medication.



    Amongst 3 Fozzy tracks we have music from Adrenaline Mob. This band are a face stomping joy, featuring Rich Ward. We also have a fantastic solo track from Rich.
    We met guitarist Billy Grey during the Fozzy gig in Glasgow, his other band are a great dimension of sound, listen out for Dangerous New Machine.

    Could this show get any better? Yes it can. We have an exclusive. Never before heard on any show anywhere. Walking With Kings new single ‘Autumn Brings’. Only just released for Thanksgiving day. This my friends is awesome.

    Also sneaking their way into the set list are a few of the splendid support acts from the recent Fozzy tour. Jettblack will knock you sideways with their high energy rock.
    Sister were a great catch and we are really glad to bring them to

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    Sit back and enjoy the best musical podcast anywhere. Tell all your friends and join the SIBnation.

    Check out our exclusive interview with Chris Jericho

    This week you will hear…

  • Fozzy – To Kill a Stranger
  • Rich “The Duke” Ward – I Give To You
  • Agent Cooper – The Stand
  • Adrenaline Mob – The Mob Rules
  • Jettblack – Slip It On
  • Walking With Kings – Autumn Brings
  • Fozzy – Grail
  • Stuck Mojo – Southern Born Killers
  • Dangerous New Machine – Skeletons
  • Sister – Hated
  • Codejak – Little Boy
  • Fozzy – Enemy
  • Show Notes:

  • We first would like to thank all involved with Fozzy. Thanks to manager Mark Willis for all his help.
  • “Chasing the Grail” is available on Riot Entertainment
  • “Happenstance” is available on Megaforce Records
  • The fantastic Agent Cooper are available on Prog Rock Records
  • Get your hands on Adrenaline Mob’s debut album from the Mob
  • Check out the simply magnificent Jettblack on Spinefarm Records UK
  • As always it is a pleasure to have Walking With Kings on the show. Check out their latest video
  • Dangerous New Machine can be found through 4Records Music
  • We would like to send a massive thanks to Andy at Metal Blade Records for sorting us out with some Sister.
  • Remember to check out our exclusive interview with Fozzy front-man and WWE Superstar Chris Jericho on SIBtv. Not to be missed
  • Stay tuned to SIB for this is only the beginning. Thanks to all of you for all your support and please feel free to drop us a line, you might get a special hello on our show.