The Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 32 – Big Game Hunting…

Free Psychedelic PodcastsWelcome one and all to another catheter blending chapter in our journey through the new world of psychedelic music. This weeks medication is sure to cure those summertime blues with a perfectly balanced prescription.
This week we suffocate our minds with the mighty Kava Kava. Also returning for a little jig are the wonderful Hungarian trippers Colorstar.
Open those ear-holes for some new talent from the likes of Papadosio, Blade of Grass and Cheers Elephant.
There are links on this page to all the bands and make sure you say hello.

Sit back, turn the lights down low and find out why we are the best at what we create, oh indeedio, praise the musical medication.



Freaking with us this week will be.

  • Kava Kava – Tic
  • Chalk Dinosaur – Caves
  • Cheers Elephant – Leaves
  • Magic Man – Nest
  • And The Giraffe – Underground Love
  • Colorstar – Light Up The Stars
  • Papadosio – The Lack of Everything
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly – Advertising Junkie
  • Blade of Grass – Covela Jam
  • Shy Nobleman – Girlfriend


  • Kava Kava can be joined on Facebook and you can pick up all their music from Bandcamp
  • Catch up with Chalk Dinosaur on facebook and you can discover all their fantastic music through bandcamp.
  • Cheers Elephant are plodding their way through the world of facebook and also you can join the rampage on bandcamp.
  • Delve within the hat of Magic Man and you’ll find some awesome tunes. You can also follow the wonderful madness on facebook
  • And The Giraffe are on facebook and their music can be bought through bandcamp
  • Electro funkers Colorstar are on facebook
  • The magnificent Papadosio are growning in strength over on facebook with their music being available through bandcamp.
  • Get behind Nigel R Mitchel and his wonderful blend of T.E.A. on facebook
  • Run your lawnmower over to facebook and join Blade Of Grass for a funky time.
  • Don’t be afraid to say hello to Shy Nobleman on Facebook
  • Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 23 – The Sending of Adjectives…


    Welcoming one and all to another tin-foil’d prescription of musical medication. This week we have a nice selection of new psychedelic madness to indulge your ears and mind.
    Opening the show is a new track from Ohead’s new album “Visitor”. Ohead is the brainchild of Dave Hendry and we were lucky enough to be introduced to the music by Tim Jones from Stone Premonitions.
    We stubbed our big toe on the superb Spyrals and thoroughly enjoyed the album.
    Hollow mirrors are also back along with the phenomenal Sleepin Pillow. So strap on the magical slippers and prepare to have your brains blown out. By music.



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    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Ohead – Alluvial Morte
  • Hollow Mirrors – Red Hot Rat
  • Sleepin Pillow – Dope
  • Incomplete Neighbor – Welcome Wind
  • Mr Gnome – Bit of Tongue
  • The Spyrals – Lonely Eyes
  • YOURS – Fast Friends in Slow Motion
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly – Border Station
  • Akahum – Aalach
  • Secret Skwirl – Blow it Away
  • Show Notes :

  • As always it’s a big thanks to Tim Jones for the freakout intro. Don’t forget to check out his Alchemical Radio show
  • Pick up the amazing musical album from Hollow Mirrors on their Bandcamp.
  • Have a wander round the new Sleepin Pillow shop and buy the albums.
  • Check out the new song from Incomplete Neighbor on their Facebook page.
  • The fantastic Mr Gnome come to us through El Marko Records and get your hands on some Gnome style merch in their shop.
  • Get the self tiltled EP from The Spyrals on their bandcamp.
  • Portland band YOURS are also hovering around Bandcamp, pick up their music.
  • Tunnelmental’s Nigel R Mitchell will be hitting London this year, keep your ears open for any gigs.
  • Keep up to date with Dave and the folks at Akahum on their facebook page.
  • Join the Secret Skwirl on facebook and catch all of their Skwirl’ing.
  • Time for some T.E.A at SIB HQ

    TUNNELMENTAL EXPERIMENTAL ASSEMBLY ( or T.E.A for short) have been gracing our podcasts since the beginning.
    Yes friends, we thought it was about time we shared some facts and news on the band who BBC Radio described as “a supercharged riot of electronica”.
    T.E.A., who orbit between Los Angeles and their UK starting point, are the brain child of their founding member, Nigel R. Mitchell (pictured). The musical collective originated in Mitchell’s native England in the late Eighties and has become a mainstay on the alternative music scene.

    More recently, Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly independently released the album ‘Say Unity’ which is available on their website and Ten tracks all penned by Mitchell himself.
    The band have been compared to Joy Division, New Order and the Chemical Brothers to name but a few. Big shoes to fill indeed.

    However T.E.A don’t just do music. They also have an agenda of activism within human rights, politics and the many other injustices wreaked upon the world. A quick hop over to their Facebook will certainly be an eye-opener and Mitchell has a passion for world peace that makes Bono look like Pat Butcher (rest her soul).
    [stextbox id=”black” caption=”Quoted…”]“I feel it is up to the artist to advance perception. I push harder than the destroyers of beauty,“ says Mitchell, adding, “Love and peace are my weapons, say unity.”[/stextbox]
    Wise words from the man who, as a jockey, rode a winner at Cheltenham in the 1970s. A totally unrelated fact but far too good to be missed out.

    Green Man said it all when he described the band as “Dance music mayhem with a social conscience and intelligent lyrics.”

    T.E.A make music that not only makes you move but points a finger at the worlds troubles. But don’t just take it from us, the Green Man or the red man who hates him so much. Go check them out for yourself on the following web locations.

    T.E.A have also featured on these Captain SIB podcasts…

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    Captain SIB Show – Episode 23 – Merry Xmas and Happy SIB’ings

    Jingle bells Batman smells indeed. Its Christmas and Captain SIB present to you a magical collection of music.
    This week, the glorious Diamond make their debut with a tasty little mince pie.
    As an extra special Yuletide treat we decided to play some of the best bands that have featured throughout the year.
    So stuff your giblets into festive oblivion and merrily ding dong from upon high. Enjoy the medication that is Captain SIB.


    Download 25 FREE songs at!

    This week you will hear…

  • IL Malpertugio – Deranged
  • Firebug – Paradise
  • We Could Build an Empire – Easy
  • Solstice Coil – Singalong Deathtrap
  • Leaders Led – Can’t Turn Back
  • Diamond – Fly Solo
  • Annie Stevenson – TV Took My Soul
  • People On Vacation – She Was the Only One
  • The Roboteers – On the Edge
  • Ultra Mega Technoband Stefan – Twisted Up
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly – Charlie Said
  • Greg X – As the World Spins Round
  • Show Notes.

  • Pick up Il Malpertugio’s new album “Sunset Screaming” now.
  • Pick up the fantastic new single from Firebug called “Used to Be” now from their Itunes.
  • You can get the brand new, self titled album by We Could Build an Empire now from their Itunes.
  • Solstice Coil can be found through Melodic Revolution Records.
  • Pick up some fancy merch from Diamond in their little shop.
  • “The Carry On” is the EP by People on Vacation, get it now on their Itunes.
  • The exciting self titled debut album from The Roboteers is a great buy.
  • We would like to finish by thanking all of the artists and labels that have given us such a great selection of bands this year.
    Also we would like to thank you, the listener, for showing your support and for making our rise to podcast domination possible. Remember all the shows are archived here on for your listening pleasure. Keep on SIB’ing and happy holidays to all.



    Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 14 – Occupy Captain SIB…

    Welcome one and all to another chapter in our psychedelic freakout.
    Brace your face for a flavoursome selection. The awesome Hi-Fiction Science kick off the show. Listen out for the superb sound of Stone In. This band from Israel really are worth checking out.
    Say Unity to our friends at TunnelMental Experimental Assembly (or TEA if thats your thing) and also the supreme musical workings of Andy Pickford.



    Be sure to vote SIB and share this musical brain massage with all your friends. Links to all of the bands and more can be found below.

    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Hi-Fiction Science Metal Terrapin
  • The Luck of Eden Hall This Weathers Better for Velvet Clothes
  • Stone In Take a Look
  • Banjo Goiter Boskops
  • The Shakes Looking for Words
  • Akahum Amber Temple
  • Andy Pickford Night of the Long Knives
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly Border Station
  • Matt Stevens A 30 END
  • Secret Skwirl Jezebel
  • NOTES:

  • The Luck of Eden Hall come to us thanks to Myopic Records.
  • Get Akahum’s newest album on Worldvenue Records
  • Matt Stevens is available through Spencer Park Music and Burning Shed
  • Find Secret Skwirl and other new music on Ariel Publicity
  • Check out It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine for interviews and psychedelic history.