Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 17 – Apocalypse Last Week…

Welcome one and all to another fine selection of Psychedelic music from around the world.
This week we have a tasty selection of medication for you to consume, including a never heard before preview of the upcoming Flutatious album.
A fantastic outing for Teddy Presberg’s title track from his new album, Apocalypse Yesterday.
Another play for Kava Kava and their hit song “Tic”, which was featured in an American tv series.




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Sit on back and indulge in your favourite medication. Tell your friends and lets make this another recording breaking show for
Check out all the bands and give them a hello.
Freaking with us this week will be…

  • The Rabbits Hat – Hippy Anthem
  • The Shakes – You Got Me
  • John Fallon – Drama Queen
  • Kava Kava – Tic
  • Teddy Presberg – Apocalypse Yesterday
  • The Mad Pride – Scapegoat
  • Innes Sibun – Angelstar
  • H-Beam – Catch Up On Some Sleep
  • Deviant Amps – Scar
  • Broken Tempo – Only One
  • Flutatious – Mesmerise

  • The intro voice of the freakout is our good friend Tim Jones from the world of Stone Premonitions, check out Tim’s
    Alchemical Radio Shows
  • Pick up The Shakes new album “Letter to the Dock
  • John Fallon will soon be releasing his eagerly anticipated new single this month, stay tuned and check out The Steppes TV.
  • The fantastic Kava Kava come to us thanks to Chocolate Fireguard Records
  • Teddy Presberg can be found on Outright Music
  • Catch up with the wonderful Mad Pride on FaceBook
  • A new H-Beam album is on the way, pick up the amazingly
    diverse and entertaining “Useful Box of Hair” from Itunes.
  • Deviant Amps have their new album available, check out “Magic Carpet Ride
  • Flutatious kindly provided us with the intro music to the Freakout, they have a new album on the way. Keep up to date with them on facebook.
  • As always it is a big thanks to all of our faithful listeners. Your support with sharing the shows is greatly appreciated and remember, say hello to us on facebook and let us know you support SIB.

    Chapter 11 – Its purely medicinal…

    Welcome one and all to another psychedelic freakout. Along with many things, this weeks episode will teach you nothing about science.
    There may be moments where you feel that a sense of knowledge is being undertaken. But friends let us assure you that this is not the case.


    To save the show for later just right click on download and save link/target as…

    Some fantastic new acts and some familiar medication for your enjoyment.
    The marvellous Sleepin Pillow make their debut this week, highly recommended.
    Also a brand new track from Omnia Opera’s first new CD release since 1997.

    Sit on back and let the SIB entertain your mind.

    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Krankschaft Commotion
  • The Magnificent Brotherhood Devine Advice
  • Vibravoid Ballspeaker
  • The Psychedelic Ensemble Despair
  • Sleepin Pillow Dope
  • Omnia Opera Second Skin
  • Andy Pickford Sister Wolf(the sky breaks)
  • Orange Oven Stormy Sky
  • The Rabbits Hat Outsiders
  • The Bevis Frond Flashy
  • NOTES :

  • Krankschaft’s “Commotion” was taken from their Song Poems album
  • The Magnificent Brotherhood come to us thanks to Trip in Time,World in
    and MM Records
  • Vibravoid come to us thanks to the fantastic Nasoni Records
  • Buy Omnia Opera’s new album “Nothing is Ordinary” from their BandCamp
  • Thanks to Tim Jones for the Freakout Narration.
  • Join The Bevis Frond Appreciation Society *NEW ALBUM 10TH
    OCTOBER 2011*
  • Also, its a big thanks to all of you who support everything we do here on You know who you are and your help is greatly appreciated.

    The music used in the intro to the show is a track by the awesome Flutatious

    Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout Chapter 3

    ”Osama can you hear me?”

    Welcome one and all to Chapter 3 of our Psychedelic Freakout.
    Over the next hour you will hear a great selection of alternative music from the world of smoke filled minds and talented musicians.


    Your host is good old Doobie Doo, he is joined as usual by the crazy voices of his mind. To say this chapter had anything near subject matter would be just a lie, so, instead, sit on back and get the kettle on, kick of the holey shoe and roll up the tin-foil socks.

    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Ritual Dependance Day
  • Consider the Source Prophet for Profit
  • Paradise 9 Into the Ether
  • DanMingo Alien
  • Bevis Frond What did for the Dinosaurs
  • The Rabbits Hat Hippy Anthem
  • Orange Oven Egypt
  • Rodeo Massacre I’m Eighteen
  • Big Amongst Sheep Lambs to the Slaughter