The Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 31 – Devil’s Harvest…

Free rock PodcastsWelcome one and all to another prescription of your favourite musical medication. This week we crack open the jaws of life to give a tin-foil’d birth to some new bands for your enjoyment.
We start the show with a couple of belters that have been with us before. The amazingingly plasmatastic Omnia Opera are back with a new album, full to the brim and oozing with space rock madness.
Another of our friends are the fantastically glowing Secret Colours. Their brand of Psychedelic music is suit right here in your ear holes.

There is a splendid selection of new bands for discovery amongst which are the super tallented Pillbugs.

Don’t take what we say as a rule. Expand your mind and your tin-foil waistline. Find out for your self.



Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Omnia Opera – Second Skin
  • Secret Colours – In The Absence
  • Vices – Human Being
  • The Gills – Swonderment
  • The Pillbugs – Get Away For The Summer
  • The Motel Beds – Moondazed
  • Sand Reckoner – No One’s in the Veil
  • Matt Stevens – Scapegoat
  • Cricketbows – Medicinal
  • King Orchid – Trigger Finger

  • Show Notes

  • Omnia Opera can be found on Facebook and you can pick up their new album “Nothing is Ordinary” from their bandcamp.
  • Secret Colours can be enjoyed through their facebook page and also you can find all their albums on bandcamp.
  • Catch up with the fantastic Vices on Facebook and check out their album “Hotel Monsoon” on bandcamp
  • Hang on out with the superb Gills on Facebook and pick up their new album “Motor Running” from bandcamp
  • Join Mark and The Pillbugs on Facebook and make sure you check out all the awesome music from their bandcamp
  • Have a sleep in The Motel Beds on Facebook and pick up “Sunfried Dreams” album from bandcamp
  • Delve into Sand Reckoner on Facebook and pick up their self-titled album from bandcamp
  • Strap on some Matt Stevens on his Facebook page and also be sure to check out his newest album “Relic”
  • Through your ball at Cricketbows on facebook and pick up “Mycocosmic Transmission” from bandcamp
  • Join King Orchid on Facebook and get your mitts on “I sound better in the sun” from bandcamp