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Iain and Stuart Freaking in the world of SIB – Day 2

We’re going a little swooshy here in the ole SIB HQ this week, we also had one of our stars come down with a drastic case a DILLIGAF. So to make up for this disobedience we thought you could force yourselves to enjoy Day 2 of our new podcast, Iain

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Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 47 – From a Far and Distant Slipper

Welcome one and all to another mind bending chapter in our journey through the new world of psychedelic music. This weeks medication is a fine blend of tones and drones that it is sure to tickle your tin-foil hat. Coming back to SIB HQ is the fantastic Andy Pickford, we

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Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 38 – Big Scary Monsters

As if life wasn’t scary enough. Captain SIB introduce to you some right freaky tracks from deep within the psyches of some fine musicians. This week we have tenacious tones from the Dead Black Hearts, wiggly wave-forms from Chalk Dinosaur, excitable frequencies from Brother George and much more to tickle

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Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 25 – The holy sandals of illusion…

Welcome one and all to another chapter in our journey through the new and exciting world of psychedelic music. In this weeks podcast, we have sandaled our way through the deserts of obscurity to find some top acts for your musical medication. Israel is producing some quite astounding music and

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