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Like This Then You Should Try These.

LIKE THIS DAFT PUNK- Random Access Memories. Daft Punk’s RAM has stirred up some mixed reviews since it’s release, but what is undeniable is their ability to be diverse within their composer/arranger/producer parameters. Let’s face it, the album still has it’s crosses to bear, like the slight over use of

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An Interview with Steve Hillage by Captain SIB

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An exclusive interview with the legendary Steve Hillage brought to you by The Captain SIB Show. Steve has been a member of Gong, Khan and System 7. He has also collaborated with Nik Turner formerly of Hawkwind, Mike Oldfield and Sting amongst many others. The interview was recorded at the

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The Psychedelic Freak Out Chapter 2

Gather round and spark one up, put some tea into that cup, sit aside that paint of lead, tin-foil hat goes on your head. Indeed friends out there in the realms of reality, chapter 2 of the freakout will have you contemplating the reasons to why you think you are

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