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The Captain SIB Show Episode 78 – The Crippling of SIB

Some say we have went nuts, that may indeed be the case, if I could find the key I’d open the case to find out, but friends relax as we bring to you 29 SONGS IN OUR SUPER MEGA EYE-POKING SHOW. It was meant to be 30 but ole SIB

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 24 – Hallucination Bomb…

Welcome to another amazing display of musical talents. This week we have put together a selection of music that should tickle you tin-foil wooglies. From his 2002 album “Lapalco”, Brendan Benson kicks off the show with “Folk Singer”. This album has been released and has delicious overtones. Cab 20 are

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 10 – Scream for me Denzel Washington…

Welcome all to Episode 10 of the groundbreaking Captain SIB Show. This week there are a whole load of new bands to look out for. The conversation is indeed riveting with our usual guests. Tam is here with his culinary documentary series and also Police Cunt-Stubble Brown will pop on

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