The Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 26 – Achievement Unlocked…


Psychedelic PodcastsWelcome one and all to another chapter in the magical journey through the new world of psychedelic music. This week we unravel our tin-foil suspenders to discover some new acts along side a few of our favourites.
Coming to the show is the interesting Jeff Beam. His album is available through bandcamp and is indeed a worthy investment.
We introduce a nice selection from the UK this week, with a couple of acts hailing from our native land of Haggis.
We welcome back the mighty Amplifier along with our good friends from Brain Candies.

Sit back, get the hettle on and indulge in some fine musical medication. Share with all your friends and make sure you check out all the bands websites.



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Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Dead Black Hearts – How to Win an Argument
  • Jeff Beam – Congratulations on Your Latest Achievement
  • Brain Candies – Sunshine
  • Stealing Sheep – Noah’s Days
  • Magic Man – Polygons
  • His Name is Codeine – Before the Apple Fell
  • Root Deco – Doctor
  • Amplifier – The Wave
  • Antoine Reverb – Little Cabins / Little Castanets
  • St Johns Ambience – Preservation
  • Show Notes

  • Keep up to date with the Dead Black Hearts on Facebook.
  • Follow Jeff Beam on Facebook and make sure you pick up his album.
  • The fantastic Brain Candies can be found on Facebook. Visit their bandcamp and pick up the awesome album.
  • Liverpool’s Stealing Sheep are on Facebook.
  • Magic Man have their album available through bandcamp and you can keep up to date with all things Magic on facebook.
  • Follow Amplifier on Facebook and pick up The Octopus on their bandcamp page.
  • “A Revolt of Sorts” is the album by Antoine Reverb and can be found on their bandcamp.
  • Make sure to check out St Johns Ambience on bandcamp where you can pick up their album.