Here Come the Mummies Free Music Initiative Continues.


Here Come The Mummies have captivated us with their bandage clad Egyptian funk for a few years now here on Captain SIB. These guys have an undeniable urge to pleasure your ear-holes with a brand of musical medication that leaves one feeling as though ones mind has been taken before some Ancient Gods.
It is with great joy that HCTM have decided to continue their Free Music Initiative, what is this you may wonder. Well friends and wearers of bandages, HCTM have every single one of their albums available FREE FOR DOWNLOAD from their Website. This includes many of their greats but there you will also find their second album of 2014, following up on “A La Mode“, which is called “Pull it Off“.


From the start the Mummies are throwing down the trademark jives that we have come to know and love. Feeling locked inside Doc Browns DeLorian, you will find that foot tapping once more with the title track bringing together a fantastic pace and understanding between the band and the music. There is a peculiar tip of the hat to the Psychedelic genre that pops itself into some of the tracks, which asks the question, take away the funk and where would the Mummies go, that my friends is a journey I would highly enjoy riding along.


    (Noun): The brand new live concert Blu-ray/ DVD combo pack by HCTM.
    This is a fantastic offer for anyone who wishes to savor that live experience that only The Mummies can provided, also if you have never seen them do their thang then this is for you!!
    Check out HCTM on

And many more shows from Captain SIB with HCTM.

Check out Here Come the Mummies performing our favourite track “Pants”  back in 2009 on The Bob and Tom Show

The Captain SIB Show – Episode 9 – Get off my bridge

Welcome all to Episode 9 of the fastest growing podcast series on the net. Join old Doobs this week as he and the voices battle their way through random conversation including Arnold Schwarzenegger being pregnant, with the usual jolly gang of guests, including a random directing role by Patrick Stewart.


The music this time comes from a fine collection of acts. A new single from Glasgow band Cities and Skylines. Great new bands, Kobi, Attack Attack and Sleep Slid In. Plus a double track from comedian Stephen Lynch.


Sit on back and enjoy the show as Captain SIB once again show why we are number 1 for podcasting madness.

This week you will hear…

  • Gary Schutt Nobody Special
  • The Flex Feet on the Ground
  • Cities and Skylines We all were young men once
  • Attack Attack My Shoes
  • Stephen Lynch Talk to me
  • Stephen Lynch 3 Balloons
  • Miles Winter Roberts God bless that summer dress
  • Kobi Contradiction
  • Sleep Slid In Demon Skin
  • The Bloodpoets Wings
  • Here Come the Mummies Single Entendre
  • Here Come the Mummies Chunky
  • Big thanks to…

  • Palisade Records
  • Ignite Records
  • Hassle Records
  • Stephen Lynch
  • Sphinxter

  • The Captain SIB Show Episode 6

    Welcome all of our faithful listeners to episode 6.
    As we quickly discover, Doobies spring is still busted in his seat.
    This show kicks of with a fantastic new song from Zelazowa, a hot new band rocking their way through Philadelphia and the world.


    The crazy voices within the mind of old Doobs give us some wise advice with regard to bathroom activities.
    Watch out for Dress to Kill, who have now became The Flex, find them on myspace under Flex Official.
    With another appearance from the egyptian funk gods, Here Come the Mummies plus a new song from Miles Winter Roberts this show is one to catch.

    Let Captain SIB guide you towards the world of music, produced in their own special way, the best in podcasting madness.

    You will hear…

  • Zelazowa Swimming Pool
  • Dress to Kill The Power
  • Brendan Benson Don’t Wanna Talk
  • Zenith Day by Day
  • Dear Mountaineer The Hare Versus The Bear
  • The Bloodpoets Sunny Day
  • Here Come The Mummies Jailbait
  • We Could Build an Empire Easy
  • Miles Winter Roberts Mouth of my Imagination
  • Left Standing Revolution
  • Dennis Holseybrook Rainbows End
  • Monster Magnet 100 Million Miles
  • Big thanks to Readymade, Sphinxter, Chocolate Box and Napalm Records