Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 44 – The End is Nigh

free psychedelic podcastsWelcome ladies and gentlemen to what could be the last ever musical journey for Captain SIB and, indeed, the whole of humanity. As you are reading this, we are busily preparing the underground shelter. Stocking up on snacks and toilet roll. Making up excuses for not buying anyone Christmas presents.
Its all go here at the new, underground SIB HQ and, to help speed the work along, we selected some of the finest bands for listening. Shake the tin-foil from your hair as we present to you the final Psychedelic Freak Out.*


*Disclaimer: if you are reading this anytime after 21/12/2012 then completely disregard the above statement.

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Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Spaces – Hadley/Edge of Forever
  • Monogold – Spirit or Something
  • Norman Palm – Magic Feather
  • Brain Candies – Elephant Man
  • The Bevis Frond – Johnny Kwango
  • The Walking Who – Have You Seen the Colours
  • Sleepin Pillow – Dope
  • Wolf & Cub – Shut Me Out
  • Snowmine – Hologram
  • Wooden Indian Burial Ground – Crows

  • Spaces can be found on facebook and you can pick up their single “Nothing Exists But Atoms and the Void ” from bandcamp
  • Monogold can be found on facebook and you can pick the album “The Softest Glow” from Bandcamp
  • Norman Palm can be found on facebook and you can pick their album “With Odd Man Out” from Bandcamp
  • Brain Candies can be found on facebook and you can pick their self titled album from Bandcamp
  • The Bevis Frond Appreciation Society can be joined on facebook and you can pick their music from Bandcamp
  • The Walking Who can be found on facebook and you can pick up their new single “Have You Seen The Colours” from Bandcamp
  • Sleepin Pillow can be found on facebook and you can pick up their music from their shop.
  • Wolf & Cub can be found on facebook and you can pick up their music from bandcamp
  • Snowmine can be found on facebook and make sure you check out their ep “Laminate Pet Animal
  • Wooden Indian Burial Ground can be found on facebook and you can pick up their self titled album from bandcamp
  • The Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 27 – Smoke Coloured Dots…

    Psychedelic PodcastsWelcome one and all to another fine outing of exciting psychedelic music from around the world. This week we bring to you an interesting prescription of musical medication new and old.
    Making their debut on the freakout are the superb St Ranger. We enjoyed this sound and hope you will too. Bats on a Swing are a fantastic folky sounding psych band with great potential and we very much look forward to hearing more from them in the future.
    Mix in some other new acts and the return of a few of our friends, this weeks show is sure to caress the inner workings of your tin-foil hat and tickle those serotonin valves.



    Freaking with us this week will be…

    Show Notes

    Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 22 – The magical teapot…


    Gather round the magical teapot once again as Captain SIB serves to you another splendid dose of musical medication from the world of new psychedelic music.
    This week is an absolute belter of a show. Wrap yourself in tin-foil and brace yourself for a real music show.


    This weeks we bring back to you the almighty Snowmine. This band from Brooklyn are indeed on the cusp of something special. Their fantastic 2011 album “Laminate Pet Animal” is a superb collection of musical joy for a price that you decide.
    Spaces are back with a cracker from their album “Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void”.
    We couldn’t help but play you another from the amazing Bevis Frond. If you have never discovered the genius that is the Frond, you must indulge in their many albums.
    A great selection of new acts to look out for this week, including the amazing Kingbathmat. These producers of psych are from the land of Eng and will blow your tin-foil hat off your granny.

    Enough gabble, fire up the kettle and let the medication take hold. Enjoy the best medicated music show available for free anywhere.

    Freaking this week are…

  • Census of Hallucinations – Manifest your Magik
  • Spaces – Hadley/Edge of Forever
  • The Bevis Frond – Reanimation
  • Snowmine – Curfews
  • Kingbathmat – The End of Evolution
  • Deerpeople – Ulysses
  • Persons – Tetris
  • RadioRay – Ancient Astronauts
  • Curry Quiche – Social Barrier Thing
  • Slightly Stoopid – No Cocaine
  • Trip Lava – March To Battle
  • Show Notes :

  • Check out Tim Jones’s Alchemical radio show where he sometimes features Captain SIB’s own music.
  • Get a copy of Spaces album “Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void” from their site.
  • Check out the Bevis Frond appreciation society on facebook.
  • “The Leaving of London” is the new album from The Bevis Frond, pick it up now and you won’t be disappointed.
  • “Curfews” is the latest track from the superb Snowmine. Pick it up and name your price.
  • Get lots of amazing free tracks from Kingbathmat and join in on the evolution
  • Freak your funk and rock a granny with Deerpeople. Their awesome EP is available for free. EXPLORGASM on Bandcamp.
  • Spanish bringers of psych Persons can be found on facebook.
  • Our good friend and Spacebandit, RadioRay can be found in his shop on Bandcamp
  • Get a taste of Curry Quiche on Facebook.
  • Get a little stooped with the folks of Slightly Stoopid on facebook.
  • Catch up with Koel from Trip Lava also on Facebook.
  • Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 20 – A Five Finger Discount…


    Welcome one and all to another display of magical music from the new psychedelic world.
    You are now reading this in the voice of Anthony Worral Thompson… We are proud to introduce to you some new sounds. From jingly madness to synth’tastic juicy’ness, you are about to embark on a journey that will medicate the mind.
    Making their debut on the show are highly talented 8 By 8 with their song “Fantastic Sun”.


    Check out Spaces as they weave their musical tones through the crevices of your mind.
    Feel your big toe quiver as Amplifier beat the kajeebus out of your seretonin levels with a belter of a song called “Planet of Insects”.
    UK based psychedelic rockers, The Waves, will wash over your tin-foil dingy with a barrage of laid back grooving.
    We could go on for quite a bit but why not just sit back, dim the lights, crack open your favourite medication and enjoy the journey.


    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Korai Orom – 2005 Part 3
  • Ellis Ashbrook – Accelerator
  • 8 By 8 – Fantastic Sun
  • The Psychedelic Ensemble – Listen To Me
  • Spaces – Depths
  • Amplifier – Planet of Insects
  • The Waves – When You Open The Door
  • 17 Pygmies – Celestina XXVIII
  • Glass Kites – Terra
  • Mullymusic – The Time Is Today
  • Show Notes :

  • The amazing Korai Orom can be found with 1G Records.
  • Pick the superb new album “Meridia” from Ellis Ashbrook on their Bandcamp page.
  • It’s a huge thanks to Lane Steinberg & Alexander Khodchenko for sending over 8X8’s newest album. You can pick it up here.
  • “The Dream of the Magic Jongulour” is the new ablum from The Psychedelic Ensemble, visit the store and pick up your copy.
  • Get your hands on some Amplifier merchandise in their wee shop.
  • Celestina III – “Even Celestina Gets The Blues” is the new album in the Celestina trilogy from 17 Pygmies. Pick it up from Itunes.
  • You can download a free copy of Glass Kite’s self titled ablum from their Bandcamp.
  • Visit Mully’s Single of the Month Club and find yourself some free tuneage.