The Captain SIB Show – Episode 35 – A Mighty SIB’ilee

Free Rock PodcastsWelcome one and all to another shoe bursting prescription of the finest musical medication.
This week we slap your granny in the face with the return of a few favourite bands and some amazing new talent.
Hardworking Tim Bennett opens the show with his fantastic song ‘Anybody’. Check out this guy and his superb music videos.
We also bring to the show, fantastic music from Gareth Icke. The truth seekers in life may have heard of his father, David, who has certainly melted our minds with his theories for many years.
There are also some new bands from Relapse Records. Royal Thunder and Red Fang, who are all totally capable of bringing your hamster back to life.

So judge for yourself and find out why we are the best at what we create… 100% musical medication!!



Joining us this week will be…

  • Tim Bennett – Anybody

  • Agent Cooper – Tornado
  • Daystar – Sleeper
  • Diamond – Fix of Mine
  • Gareth Icke – Remember Who You Are
  • Ellis Ashbrook – Slide
  • Red Fang – Number Thirteen
  • Royal Thunder – Parsonz Curse
  • Holdcell – Flowers on the Hill
  • Baroness – Take My Bones Away
  • Ten Year Vamp – Don’t Be Alone With Me


  • Check out Tim Bennett’s videos featuring Bambi Monroe on his Youtube channel
  • Follow Agent Cooper on Facebook and be sure to check out their videos!
  • Daystar can be found on Facebook and find their music here.
  • Thanks again to Rob over at Deuce Music Management for supplying one of this weeks acts.
  • Keep up to date with Diamond on facebook and pick up their EP “Don’t Lose Your Cool” on Bandcamp
  • Follow Gareth Icke on Facebook
  • Groove on down with Ellis Ashbrook on Facebook and pick up their album “Meridia” on bandcamp
  • Red Fang can be followed on the old Facebook and you can buy their latest album “Murder The Mountains” from their label, Relapse Records.
  • You can get your mits on Rayal Thunder’s new album “CVI” through their label, Relapse Records
  • Nod your head with the folks from Holdcell on their Facbook page and pick up their album “7 Heavy Grins” from Itunes
  • Join the Baroness on facebook
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  • Big thanks to our friends at Relapse Records who can be found also on facebook