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Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 70 – Damage Limitation

Welcome one and all to another mind bending chapter in our journey through the new world of psychedelic music. This weeks medication is a fine blend of tones and drones that it is sure to tickle your tin-foil hat. Fasten tight your suspenders as we bring to you a brand

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Iain and Stuart Freaking in the world of SIB – Day 2

We’re going a little swooshy here in the ole SIB HQ this week, we also had one of our stars come down with a drastic case a DILLIGAF. So to make up for this disobedience we thought you could force yourselves to enjoy Day 2 of our new podcast, Iain

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Iain and Stuart Freaking in the world of SIB – Day 1

It’s feeling a little woogly around these parts recently and by jings folks we have that swooshy feeling. So we decided to do something a little different. We have some new tech we’re trying out and we thought why not bring to you a wee show, freakout style. But friends,

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Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 69 – Giving you the Shakes

A banquet of meaty riffage and frothy tones. A Smörgåsbord of tuneful delights. Ooh this talk is making me hungry.

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Blast Off with Mad the Martian

Tuning into the Psychedelic Freakout here on I noticed a piece of music that screamed Space Pop Rock excellence. The song was called Blast Off and the band was Mad the Martian. The band consists of two brothers Bob and Jack Marsh and producer Anthony Resta. The track has

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