The Captain SIB Show – Episode 18 – You can’t kill a dreamer…

Welcome one and all to the best musical podcast anywhere on the interweb.
This week we have a granny smashing line up of new bands, so good is this line-up that it may indeed cause a slight quivering of the eye and a slight twitching of the leg.

Perform a jig to the super swell Katie Kerkhover. Eat some toast and hop on one foot to the tones of Sixty Miles Down.
Also making his solo debut this week we have the awesome Mike Martin from the band Agent Cooper. Mike is also on Steve Vai’s record label by jings.


Sit back and indulge in your favourite medication as we prove to you why Captain SIB are unbeatable when it comes to medicated podcasting.

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This week you will hear…

  • Gary Shutt Wait Till Sunday
  • AppleSpaceBar I Want it All
  • The Red Show Jack
  • The Head Lady Lovely
  • Helldorado The Black Winds
  • The Suburbians Six in the Morning
  • Greg X Victory
  • Katie Kerkhover and the Die Nasties Time Bomb
  • Sixty Miles Down A New Skin
  • Early Rise Face Me
  • Mike Martin 2 of 5
  • NOTES:

  • Gary Shutt’s music can be found on Palisade Records
  • The Red Show comes to us thanks to Pop Pills Records
  • Download FREE music by The Head
  • Norways Helldorado are managed by Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions
  • The amazingly talented Mike Martin can be found on Steve Vai’s record label Digital Nations
  • Also find Mike in the wonderful Agent Cooper