Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 23 – The Sending of Adjectives…


Welcoming one and all to another tin-foil’d prescription of musical medication. This week we have a nice selection of new psychedelic madness to indulge your ears and mind.
Opening the show is a new track from Ohead’s new album “Visitor”. Ohead is the brainchild of Dave Hendry and we were lucky enough to be introduced to the music by Tim Jones from Stone Premonitions.
We stubbed our big toe on the superb Spyrals and thoroughly enjoyed the album.
Hollow mirrors are also back along with the phenomenal Sleepin Pillow. So strap on the magical slippers and prepare to have your brains blown out. By music.



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Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Ohead – Alluvial Morte
  • Hollow Mirrors – Red Hot Rat
  • Sleepin Pillow – Dope
  • Incomplete Neighbor – Welcome Wind
  • Mr Gnome – Bit of Tongue
  • The Spyrals – Lonely Eyes
  • YOURS – Fast Friends in Slow Motion
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly – Border Station
  • Akahum – Aalach
  • Secret Skwirl – Blow it Away
  • Show Notes :

  • As always it’s a big thanks to Tim Jones for the freakout intro. Don’t forget to check out his Alchemical Radio show
  • Pick up the amazing musical album from Hollow Mirrors on their Bandcamp.
  • Have a wander round the new Sleepin Pillow shop and buy the albums.
  • Check out the new song from Incomplete Neighbor on their Facebook page.
  • The fantastic Mr Gnome come to us through El Marko Records and get your hands on some Gnome style merch in their shop.
  • Get the self tiltled EP from The Spyrals on their bandcamp.
  • Portland band YOURS are also hovering around Bandcamp, pick up their music.
  • Tunnelmental’s Nigel R Mitchell will be hitting London this year, keep your ears open for any gigs.
  • Keep up to date with Dave and the folks at Akahum on their facebook page.
  • Join the Secret Skwirl on facebook and catch all of their Skwirl’ing.
  • Chapter 8 – Sonic Sandwiches…

    Greetings fellow beings of the world. It is indeed time for another chapter in our Psychedelic Freakout.
    This week we discover many things about ourselves as the conversations hit an all time peak of intelligence.
    Lots of music from some familiar bands this week, though in keeping with our family tradition, all new tracks.
    To download just right click download and save link/target as…


    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Space Ritual Sonic Savages
  • Discordian Society Ideas
  • Paradise 9 Distant Dreams (feat Judge Trev)
  • Flutatious Consumption
  • OHEAD Sky Dancer
  • Unlimbo Woodhenge
  • The Is Over the Moon
  • Census of Hallucinations Orion
  • The Bevis Frond I feel Bad About You
  • Ozric Tentacles Kick Muck

  • NOTE:

    “Distant Dreams” is from Paradise 9’s NEW EP, “State of the Nation” only available through, the song is available for purchase individually and is a Captain SIB must have. Also all proceeds are going to charity in memory of the late, great Judge Trev Thoms.
    Space Ritual – Esoteric Recordings

    Bevis Frond have a new album due out this year, keep up to date with
    everything Frond with The Bevis Frond Appreciation Society

    Unlimbo are now the magnificent Akahum

    Ozric Tentacles have new 2011 tour dates announced.
    Visit the Ozric’s Shop for music.

    Be Sure to check out Tim Jones’s Alchemical Radio show for some magical

    Remember for all your musical desires from far distant minds.

    Chapter 4 – Don’t be afraid, its only hemp…

    Welcome one and all to chapter 4 of the Psychedelic Freakout.

    The twisted voices of old Doobs mind are indeed taking him to the verge of sanity. This weeks discussions include, Slobodan Miloševic, a great toilet experience, jam, granny stuffing and many more confusing issues.



    The music this week is indeed of usual Captain SIB standards, some old SIB favourites and a couple of new acts to the freakout, Brendan Benson, from the band The Raconteurs with Jack White and from Burbank CA, the awesome Keven Brennan, big thanks to Tim Jones at Stone Premonitions for sending this cd up.

    Freaking out in chapter 4 will be….

  • Magic Mushroom Band Don’t be Afraid
  • Krankschaft Lord of the Hornets
  • Wavephonic I’ll Find You
  • The Chiselers The Reason
  • Keven Brennan Secret Between Us
  • Ohead Red Skies
  • Akahum Hempi
  • Darxtar Dark Daze
  • Brendan Benson Tiny Spark
  • Note : Check out Akahum at the Eden Festival in Scotland 10th – 12th June 2011

    Brendan Benson’s “Tiny Spark” is from his album Lapalco, The original album from 2002 has been remastered and is available on vinyl for the first time through Brendan’s store

    Big thanks to…

  • Stereo Records
  • Nasoni Records

  • My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-b06d8af87dff0a42fe6cd960a1efd65c}