Captain SIB Show – Episode 29 – That tastes like Denzel Washington…


Rock PodcastsDrag the hamster from your granny and prepare it for another smashing dose of musical medication. We have wheeled ourselves through the boggy fields of independent music to find you a selection of the finest talents this world has to offer.
We introduce to you Smoothiesforme from Edingburgh. This musical project is the brainchild of 17 year old Holly who, at such a young age, has already garnered the nod from those appreciative of great music.
We’ve got a few favourites in this weeks episode. Hold on tight as Soul Sanctuary rock your tin-foil hat once more and The Bucky Rage get angry about bubblegum.


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On this weeks show we have…

  • Floater – Matadors
  • The Breakups – Better off Alone
  • Steel Toed Slippers – First Encounter
  • Smoothiesforme – Like A Fool
  • Julie Clark Shubert – Let Me Know
  • Dave Crespo’s After Party – Something in the Sun
  • Dangerous New Machine – Shut Up
  • Voice of Addiction – Wrecking Ball
  • Of Kings and Captains – All We Have
  • Soul Sanctuary – Gone Away
  • Cutting Edge – F— the I.R.S.
  • The Bucky Rage – Bubblegum Crisis
  • Show Notes :

  • Get your hands on the fantastic album “Wake” by Floater
  • Wheel yourself over to The Breakups bandcamp page where you will find their music to easily purchase.
  • Steel Toed Slippers are available through Mossman Records and you can pick their music up here.
  • Keep up to date with all the music from Smoothiesforme on Holly’s little bandcamp.
  • Keep up to date with all things Julie on her facebook page.
  • Follow Dave Crespo and his crazy after party on Facebook.
  • Dangerous New Machine Set the World On Fire
    with their album.
  • Visit the shop that belongs to Voice of Addiction and you’ll be able to pick up their albums.
  • Of Kings and Captains come to us through Bymonster Records.
  • Cutting Edge can be found through Thunder Quest Records