Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 21 – Lock up your Hamsters…


Welcome one and all to another tin-foil filled chapter of our psychedelic musical picnic.
This week there is indeed a wacky selection of medication on offer. We bring to you the grand-daddies of psychedelia, Gong, with a track from their album 2032.
Returning with another mind melting number is Greek freakers Tuber.
From the wonderous land of Eng we have the superb ANTA making their first outing with some tones that will make your big toe quiver.


The music speaks for itself so why not stick the kettle on and indulge in your choice of medication. Lock up your hamster and enjoy our groundbreaking podcast series.

Freaking with us this week will be.

  • Alan Davey – Angel Down
  • Tuber – Smoked Up Notes
  • Omnia Opera – Mr Sludge
  • Gong – Wacky Baccy Banker
  • Nick Riff – Forever
  • ANTA – Apical Dominance
  • Magdalena Solis – Seven Boys and Seven Girls
  • Wo Fat – Two the Hard Way
  • Mike Taylor – Bagman
  • Barbara Delarbre – Hate
  • Andy Pickford – Akira
  • Show Notes.

  • Alan Davey’s new album, Cyber Tooth will be out in February. Be sure to check through his other bands.
  • Make sure to visit Tuber on Facebook and download “Smoked Up Notes” from their bandcamp for free.
  • “Nothing is Ordinary” is the new album from Omnia Opera, available from their Bandcamp.
  • Check out the line-up at KozFest, Kozmic Kens fantastic musical festival down on Bobbies Farm.
  • Check out Gong 2032 on Facebook.
  • Have a look through Nick Riffs discography.
  • Get a copy of ANTA’s album “The Tree That Bears the Equine Fruit” from their little page.
  • “Hesperia” is the album from Magdalena Solis, get it now.
  • Keep up to date with Wo Fat and their music on Facebook.
  • Psychedelic Freakout Chapter 13 – Lets have a toast…

    Welcome all to another highly medicated journey into the world of Psychedelic music.
    This week we have some real special exclusives.
    Listen out for Plan 9 as you will be one the first folks to hear their new track “Pentagon Champagne Room”.
    Also we are privileged to have an exclusive track from the new Bevis Frond album, “The Leaving of London”. This is the first Frond album in many years and it is 100% enjoyment from start to finish. See the notes below on how to order a copy.

    To download the show for later just right click “Download” and save link/target as.


    There is so much new emerging talent from all over the globe this week the only way to understand the prescription is to sit back, get the kettle on and spark one up.

    Freaking with us this week…

  • Nick Riff Freak Element
  • Plan 9 Pentagon Champagne Room
  • Dead Black Hearts Spit Shine
  • Sleepin Pillow Holy Monster
  • UbyK Delicate Swarm
  • The Bevis Frond Johnny Kwango
  • Firebug Used to Be
  • The Mad Pride Out to Sea
  • The Rabbits Hat Hippy Anthem
  • Paradise 9 Ocean Rise
  • The Heads Quad
  • NOTE:

  • The amazing Sleepin Pillow are self released and music can be found at the Under the Pillow Store
  • UbyK’s debut EP “Matryoshka” can be purchased from BandCamp Also there are a couple of
    FREE downloads.
  • “The Leaving of London” by The Bevis Frond can be purchased by visiting The Bevis Frond Appreciation Society on Facebook Look for posts by Nick Saloman.
  • UK fans of Firebug can get their exclusive download of “Used to Be” from Tour Dates UK
  • Download “Scary Poppins”, the album by The Mad Pride
  • As always it’s a big thanks to Tim Jones at Stone Premonitions for the use of his voice in our Psychedelic Intro. Be sure to check out Tim’s Alchemical Radio Show every weekend.
  • Paradise 9’s “State of the Nation” EP is available now from the wonderful
  • The Heads track “Quad” can be found on their re-mastered release of RELAXING WITH
  • Check out It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine for interviews and psychedelic history.

  • Chapter 9 – Tribal Medication…

    Greetings all and welcome to the Freakout.
    This week we have a special selection of tracks to tickle your tin-foil briefs. A mighty track from Alan Davey’s 2009 album “Electric Devils” sets the head nodding and the haggis jigging. Little known band Banjo Goiter claim a rightful spot along with the fabulous Asteroid #4. Invest some time and take a listen.


    To download just right click download and save link/target as…

    As per usual we are sure you will enjoy the journey as the conversation takes your thoughts into new dimensions.

    This week putting on the tin-foil hat will be…

  • Nick Riff Tribal Elders
  • Alan Davey Angel Down
  • Banjo Goiter Cossack Sneak Attack
  • The Asteroid #4 Ignition Slated for Eight
  • Andy Pickford Akira
  • 17 Pygmies Celestina XIII
  • Los Furies F147
  • Darxtar Secrets
  • Sapphire Wolf SpacePool
  • Dead Flowers Free the Weed
  • NOTE:

    Banjo Goiter’s EP can be found on Bandcamp , name your price!!
    The Asteroid #4 comes to us thanks to The Committee to Keep Music Evil

    Visit It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine for a splendid interview with Asteroid #4 and also 17 Pygmies, plus many more worthy of a read.

    All of Andy Pickford’s music is available through all online musical departments.
    17 Pygmies available through Trakwerx Records
    Los Furies are available through Sadness Disco
    Darxtar are brought to us by Nasoni Records
    Intro music is by Flutatious
    Some of the bands above can also be found on

    The Voice to the intro is our good friend Tim Jones from Stone Premonitions
    Tim Jone’s Alchemical Radio Show can be found on Radio6 International, he plays Captain SIB’s music, yes that’s right, we’re not just a brand. We’re a band.

    Chapter 6 – Receiving the medication…

    Indeed it is a warm welcome this week to you all. As we continue our Psychedelic Freakout we find ourselves spoilt with a fine selection of acts.



    Making another appearance this week is The Higher Craft with “The Receiver”, taken from Quest into the Stepping Stone Age, this hard hitting psych track displays THC’s ability to slam their way into your ear drums only to gently massage the nerves with a balance of harmonic vocals and teeth grinding guitar work, a driving drum track that will have the wheels on your chair turning and the tea in the cup swirling.
    Lot’s of acts to listen out for this week as Captain SIB once again manage to pull together a fantastic collection of music.

    Conversation this week will have you reaching for the medication.
    Sit back and indulge yourself in the best at podcasting madness…

    Freaking out with us this week…

  • The Steppes Chicago Oratorio
  • The Narcotic Daffodils Back from Calcuta with Mister Jacky
  • The Is Sleeping
  • The Higher Craft The Receiver
  • The Psychedelic Ensemble The Secrets of your Mind
  • Omnia Opera Big Brother
  • Nick Riff Heaven
  • Dark Sun Feed Your Mind
  • NOTE:

  • The Steppes back catalogue is now available through Cherry Red Records
  • Intro music is by Flutatious
  • The Voice to the intro is our good friend Tim Jones from Stone Premonitions
  • Find new music at
  • The SIB thanks

  • Musea Records
  • Fakto Records
  • Aardvark Records

  • Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 1- Where did I leave my shoe?

    Welcome to the pilot episode of the popular psychedelic podcast series.
    From the misty seas travels a lonely man. His mission is to bring the wonders of psychedelic music to the new world. Sounds from around the world converse in a tin-foil bucket of magical happiness.


    With his tin-foil hat and trusted psychotic voices, join Captain SIB’s Doobie Doo as he battles the swirly noises of space and the jiggaly twindles of paranoina in his special, one of a kind, podcast series.

    Freaking out in chapter 1 will be…

  • Space Ritual Walking Backwards
  • Kava Kava TIC
  • Colorstar Light up the Stars
  • Los Furies Las Hordas
  • Flutatious Spacechick
  • The Higher Craft Oracle
  • Nick Riff Paleo Vision
  • Stone Premonitions In The Image
  • The Steppes Begin