The Captain SIB Show – Episode 19 – Tom Cruise loves them big apples…

Greetings one and all to another episode of the best musical podcast available on the web. This week we have some outstanding acts for your listening pleasure. To name a few, who will knock off your granny with their awesomeness, are The Canon Logic.
Their catchy sound is definitely one to listen out for. Cab 20 have gathered a buzz around themselves over the past year and we can hear why with their track “Cactus”.



Also, it is the return of Fozzy this week to finish of the show. We have a very special interview with the guys coming up as they embark on their Euro tour. Check their new website and join them as the smash their way through the speakers of many.

We give out a big thanks to Ariel Publicity for their support.

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This week you will hear…

  • Floater Home in the Sky
  • Carry the Tradition Rise
  • The Whiskey Saints Green Light
  • The Commuters As I Make My Way
  • Canon Logic Sirens
  • Ellis Ashbrook Slide
  • Cab 20 Cactus
  • Ten Year Vamp Got 2 Me
  • The NowhereNauts Try to Light My Fuse
  • Fozzy Let the Madness Begin
  • NOTES:

    The amazing Floater come to us thanks to Typhon Records.
    Check out The Whiskey Saint’s official video for their
    track “Green Light”.
    The fantastic “Commuters” are available through Communal
    Stay up to date with the freaking awesome Ellis Ashbrook on their facebook page.
    Cab 20 are definitely a band to keep your ears on. Get their music on iTunes.
    Check out the NowhereNauts on Club Rock Records.
    Fozzy come to us thanks to Riot Entertainment.
    Check out the all new

    Introducing… Sky Picnic

    From the Psychedelic Freakout let Captain SIB introduce to you Sky Picnic

    Hailing from the big pomegranate that is New York City.

  • Chris Sherman – vocals / lead guitar
  • Leah Cinnamon – bass guitar / vocals
  • Pete Meriwether – drums
  • It is indeed a pleasure to have these guys on the Psychedelic Freakout, their album, Farther In This Fairytale has been released through Nasoni-Records and it is indeed worth strapping on your best tin-foil hat and chilling
    back into the depth of your consciousness.

    The opening track, Hide and Seek, brings together the lackadaisical feel of this album, now this is not a knock on the work, more of a compliment to the attention placed upon their style of psychedelica. Winding guitar riffs are lead by a percussion section reminiscent of early garage psychedelia.

    The vocal work between Leah Cinnamon and Chris Sherman results in a hypnotic blend of diversity, which again adds to the sound that is being created. This works well throughout the whole album, somewhat controlling the flow that channels it’s way through the mind.

    “Farther in this Fairytale” is a concept album “telling the tale of a loss of innocence and an introspective journey through life”.
    Being the bands first official album I admire their decision to bring together an album of concept.
    Most notable to the SIB is their appreciation for the genre, hints of many great acts blend together with Sky Picnic.

    The SIB sent a little email to the folks at Sky Picnic and asked them a few questions.

  • SIB: Where did the name Sky Picnic come from?
  • Chris: The name came about from a friend of mine who had these word magnets on a door that haphazardly spelled out “sky picnic”, which I absolutely loved the imagery of and filed it away. So when it came time to name the band, that was the clear winner.

  • SIB: If indeed there was a picnic in the sky, what would be on your sandwiches?
  • Pete: Depends on the altitude…

    Leah: Peanut butter and jelly.

    Chris: Definitely some cheddar…because you really can never go wrong with it.

  • SIB: With Farther in this Fairytale being a concept album, what was your first encounter with such type of an album?
  • Pete: “Tommy” by the Who

    Chris: I vividly recall “the Wall” being played everywhere when I was growing up in the 80’s. While it’s not my favorite by any means, it will always hold a special place.
    The first one I bought was “Sgt. Pepper”.

    Leah: “Tommy” cause my mom used to play it all the time when I was a child.

  • SIB: If you were abducted by Aliens, what would be the one album you’d take for the Aliens to hear?
  • Leah: “Farther In This Fairy Tale”

    Pete: “FITFT” for sure. Score some points with them, maybe get asked to be the sole human in an all-alien band. That’s my dream.

    Chris: I’ll deviate from the safe answer and bring my favorite LP, “Piper at the Gates of Dawn”, cause I’m sure even though I’ve been abducted, I’d get to sneak a listen
    every now and then!

  • SIB: Have you always been a 3 peice?
  • Pete: I believe SP has been a duo several times.

    Chris: Yes, we seem to go between duo and 3 piece band with relative ease! Pete is on his second tour of duty, and this time he’s on for good.

  • SIB: What can we expect from you in 2011?
  • Pete: Much, much better drumming than in 2010!

    Chris: Gigs…lots of them. New songs. Some recording sessions for said songs. A Fruits De Mer Records release (or two). More interviews. And splendid times for all!

  • This is an album that has been enjoyed many a night within the land of SIB and we can advise that a cup of tea will work nicely with this music.
    We are by no means classed as articulate reviewers so please check them out for yourselves.
  • Sky Picnic have kindly provided us with a link for you to get a taste of their music. So sit back and enjoy some free tracks from Sky Picnic.

    Sky Picnic on Bandcamp

    Also featured on Chapter 2 of the Psychedelic Freak Out.

    Thank you for reading and keep on SIB’ing