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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 24 – Hallucination Bomb…

Welcome to another amazing display of musical talents. This week we have put together a selection of music that should tickle you tin-foil wooglies. From his 2002 album “Lapalco”, Brendan Benson kicks off the show with “Folk Singer”. This album has been released and has delicious overtones. Cab 20 are

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The Captain SIB Show Episode 6

Welcome all of our faithful listeners to episode 6. As we quickly discover, Doobies spring is still busted in his seat. This show kicks of with a fantastic new song from Zelazowa, a hot new band rocking their way through Philadelphia and the world. The crazy voices within the mind

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 2 – Yarrrr indeedio

WARNING : Contains lanuage that some may find offensive. Welcome one and all to the 2nd episode in our musical journey. This weeks medication is an interesting prescription. In this episode we find Iain still struggling with the voices in his mind. He discusses what he thinks make the perfect

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