The Captain SIB Show – Episode 7 – A Double Shot of Whisky!

Welcome friends to episode 7 of The Captain SIB Show. There is a great diversion of music this week. Another helping of TEA with a cracking song from Kava Kava. Lots of new acts to watch out for plus a double shot of  The Whiskey Saints.


Captain SIB once more display why they are indeed the number 1 podcast for discovering awesome new music from around the world.

Kick of the holey shoe and stick yer granny in the fridge.

On this show you will hear…

  • People on Vacation She Was the Only One
  • Debbie Duveen & The Milbanks Cryo Love
  • Cherri Bomb The Great Betrayer
  • The Fusion It’s For Real
  • Kava Kava Clarity
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly Charlie Said
  • The Whiskey Saints Falling Out
  • The Whiskey Saints Curtains
  • Exit 380 Moonshine Run
  • Maria Kanellis Seven Sins
  • Madison Chase Mind Tickle
  • Fozzy Let the Madness Begin
  • The Captain SIB Show Episode 1 – The therapy begins

    The pilot episode of the popular podcast series. WARNING : Contains lanuage that some may find offensive.
    Welcome to the world of Captain SIB
    In this episode we introduce you to what makes the SIB tick. Our mission is to explore the world of independent music, featuring bands from our homeland of Scotland, as well as selecting the finest independent music from around the world.
    What you are about to hear was the beginning of our medication. If you have journeyed back from a later episode then we thank you and hope you enjoy the slightly different ride.



    You will get to know our presenter, some call him Iain, some call him Doobie Doo and many just describe him as some guy. His medicated theories on life give you, the listener, a chance to be confused and sometimes painfully depressed.

    Once you battle through his rantings you will not be disappointed with the selection of music on offer in episode 1, unless, of course, the music isn’t to your taste then we do suspect that you will be left slighty buduffled.

    With that said, sit on back and kick off the holey shoe, get the kettle on and prepare yourself to be transported into the land of SIB.

    You will hear on this show…

  • Here Come the Mummies Carnal Carnival
  • GiroBabies Stalker Drama
  • Clutch The Mob Goes Wild
  • Annie Stevenson TV Took My Soul
  • Promize  Unholy
  • Madison Chase Trapeze
  • Maria Kanellis Fantasy
  • Floater Ghost in the Making
  • Fozzy Grail