The Captain SIB Show – Episode 55 – A Chilli Down the Pants

episode55Greetings to all on the land of Earth. Or those at sea. Wherever you may be. This weeks show is, indeed, hotter than a chilli down the pants and promises to deliver some of the best talents around.
Come with us and marvel at the sounds of Leaders Led, The Dry Mouths, Jelly Bullet and many more.

Tell your friends. They need a lift too sometimes and there just isn’t enough friend lifting going on these days. Sit back. Kick off the holey shoe and enjoy.



Joining us this week are…

  • Leaders Led – Can’t Turn back
  • Mutts – Throwback
  • Go For The Eyes – When The Lights Come On
  • Lovers and Liars – My Tomorrow
  • New Nobility – Paradise
  • Agent Cooper – Tornado
  • Rat Attack – Face Hooked
  • Seasons – Riot
  • The Dry Mouths – Harry Reems
  • Jelly Bullet – Baby Give Me Your Love
  • Show Notes

  • Leaders Lead can be found on facebook and they also come to us thanks to Alex over at Seismic Entertainment
  • Mutts can be found on facebook and you can pick up her new album “Object Permanence” from the bandcamp page.
  • Go For The Eyes can be found on facebook and you can pick up her new album “Six Through Twelve” from the bandcamp page.
  • Lovers and Liars be found on facebook and you can pick up their merch in the little store
  • Agent Cooper can be found on facebook
  • Rat Attack can be found on facebook and you can pick up her new album from the bandcamp page.
  • Seasons can be found on facebook and you can pick up her new album “Ways To Fight” from the bandcamp page.
  • The Dry Mouths can be found on facebook and you can pick up the new album “And Show Us” from bandcamp
  • Jelly Bullet can be found on facebook and you can pick up her new album “First Shot” from the bandcamp page.

  • Captain SIB Show – Episode 23 – Merry Xmas and Happy SIB’ings

    Jingle bells Batman smells indeed. Its Christmas and Captain SIB present to you a magical collection of music.
    This week, the glorious Diamond make their debut with a tasty little mince pie.
    As an extra special Yuletide treat we decided to play some of the best bands that have featured throughout the year.
    So stuff your giblets into festive oblivion and merrily ding dong from upon high. Enjoy the medication that is Captain SIB.


    Download 25 FREE songs at!

    This week you will hear…

  • IL Malpertugio – Deranged
  • Firebug – Paradise
  • We Could Build an Empire – Easy
  • Solstice Coil – Singalong Deathtrap
  • Leaders Led – Can’t Turn Back
  • Diamond – Fly Solo
  • Annie Stevenson – TV Took My Soul
  • People On Vacation – She Was the Only One
  • The Roboteers – On the Edge
  • Ultra Mega Technoband Stefan – Twisted Up
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly – Charlie Said
  • Greg X – As the World Spins Round
  • Show Notes.

  • Pick up Il Malpertugio’s new album “Sunset Screaming” now.
  • Pick up the fantastic new single from Firebug called “Used to Be” now from their Itunes.
  • You can get the brand new, self titled album by We Could Build an Empire now from their Itunes.
  • Solstice Coil can be found through Melodic Revolution Records.
  • Pick up some fancy merch from Diamond in their little shop.
  • “The Carry On” is the EP by People on Vacation, get it now on their Itunes.
  • The exciting self titled debut album from The Roboteers is a great buy.
  • We would like to finish by thanking all of the artists and labels that have given us such a great selection of bands this year.
    Also we would like to thank you, the listener, for showing your support and for making our rise to podcast domination possible. Remember all the shows are archived here on for your listening pleasure. Keep on SIB’ing and happy holidays to all.



    The Captain SIB Show Episode 16 – The key to success…

    Welcome one and all to thee best medicated podcast available anywhere on the web. This week you will be treated to a fine selection of independent music.

    To save the show for later just right click on download and save link/target as…


    A new track from The Key is a welcome addition to this show. Captain SIB also welcome back Leaders Led. This fantastic bunch of folks have a great sound and a lovely selection of fans. Thanks to Andrew, Tracy, Valerie and all the others who have taken the time to demand more Led.

    Some new and emerging talent will be discovered this week. The conversation? As vibrant and informative as ever.

    Don’t forget to share with all your friends and social families. Remember also, please VOTE FOR SIB in the 2011 Podcast Awards.

    This week you will hear…

  • The Whiskey Saints Before My Time
  • The Key Higher
  • Aperture Now That You’re Awake
  • Vestascension An Endless Voyage
  • The Brigade She Wouldn’t Let Me Down
  • The Semis Mountain
  • Leaders Led Where the Truth Lies
  • Greg X & Ken Tamplin Love and Hate
  • Soul Sanctuary Lest We Forget
  • Frank Palangi Love
  • Goodbye Delete Sacrificial
  • NOTES:

  • Download the fantastic FREE music bundle for The Key at
  • Get yourself FREE music from Vestascension
  • The Brigade come to us thanks to CCAP (Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions)
  • The marvellous Semis come to us thanks to JulyCity Records
  • Join Greg X on FaceBook
  • Big thanks to Alex at Seismic Entertainment
  • Get Soul Sanctuary’s new album out on Forsaken Memory Records
  • Check out Goodbye Delete on Soundcloud

  • The Captain SIB Show Episode 14 – Walking With Kings and SIBs…

    Welcome one and all to a very special, star studded episode 14.
    This week we are humbled by the talent on display and you shall find yourself humbled also.
    First we would like to say that Helldorado are infact from Stavanger, Norway. Our research department have been fired. Our conversation this week has it’s downs and a little less up as would be expected. It’s indeed froot to have once again the mighty Fozzy part of the show. Walking With Kings smashes their way through our tin-foil headphones with an exclusive single from their forth coming album, “Leap of Faith.


    To download just right click on the word download and save link/target as.

    Be sure to check out Terra Naomi’s facebook for her full bio, very impressive.
    All the info you need to rock out is bellow.
    Check out for some of the artists that we play.
    Make sure you check all the bands out and drop them a line, they like that!!

    Peace and happy SIB’ings to all.

    This week you shall hear…

  • Helldorado Drinking Song
  • We Could Build an Empire Fall Free
  • Here Come the Mummies Carnal Carnival
  • Wiretree Make Up
  • Leaders Led Can’t Turn Back
  • Brianna Gaither Let It Go
  • Terra Naomi You for Me
  • Bandito Dead Man Running
  • Fozzy Broken Soul
  • Walking With Kings Leap of Faith
  • Lucy T For the Wreck-ord
  • NOTES :

  • Big thanks to Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions (CCAP) for hooking us up with Helldorado
  • Download 8 FREE tracks from the Mummies
  • Wiretree come to us thanks to Cobaltworks Music
  • Leaders Led come to us thanks to Alex at Seismic Entertainment
  • Download Brianna’s music from and leave a wee tip
  • Get Terra Naomi’s music on Itunes and
  • Fozzy come to us thanks to Riot Entertainment
  • Walking With Kings debut album will be available on 1/1/2012
    Stay tuned to Captain SIB for more from the Kings.