The Captain SIB Show – Episode 32 – SIB’rs Assemble…

Free rock podcastIt is indeed a warm greeting to all of you this week and a special hello to all of the new SIB’rs that have joined us over the last couple of months. This weeks show is a wee cracker with a few hidden splendours.
Big thanks to Rob over at Deuce Music Management for bringing us some medication including something from the world of reggae rock.
We’ve got the mighty Jettblack kicking off the show and also a little return for The Longest Day.
There is plenty of musical medication for you to get your teeth into and remember to check out all the bands pages on facebook.



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Joining us this week will be…

  • Jettblack – Two Hot Girls
  • The Fuse – Paint This Town
  • We Were Giants – She Said
  • Stanley – Join Hands
  • Jahmings Maccow – Horizon Train
  • Jim Johnston – Misunderstood
  • The Longest Day – Suit of Lies
  • The Element – She’s Made From Sand
  • Havera – Beneath The Ice
  • Shouting Signals – The Penitence
  • Show notes…

  • Jettblack can be found on Facebook and you can pick up some merch from their shop.
  • Thanks to Rob over at Deuce Music Management for bringing us The Fuse, who can be found on Facebook.
  • You can pick up the album “Part One” from We Are Giants from their Bandcamp page.
  • Join Stanley on Facebook and keep up to date with the man from Israel
  • Get down with Jahming Maccow on Facebook
  • Pick up Jim Johnston’s new album “Voyage of Oblivion” from Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook.
  • Hang out with The Longest Day on their Facebook page and stayed tuned for new music.
  • Follow The Element on Facebook
  • Thanks to Anthony over at Cellar Door Management for bringing Havera to us.
  • Thanks to Rob over at Deuce Music Management for bringing us Shouting Signals.