GLASGOW PSYCH FEST 2014 – Sep 6th from 6:00pm to 2:00am


By jings it’s that time of the year settle down with your favourite tin-foil scarf and discover some fantastic new Psychedelic music live at the amazing Glasgow Psych Fest 2014.

This event is now in it’s second year and the line-up is outstanding, not to mention it features one of our own Psychedelic bands from Chapter 53 of our popular podcast series. Full details are given below and although this is not a Captain SIB event, we would love for you to show your support and head along for a smashing night of live entertainment and tin-foil.

This festival will be held in the Afro Caribbean Center and the 13th note on Saturday 6th September, doors 6pm-2am followed by after party at DOOR 24.


  • Trembling Bells
  • Helicon
  • Eagles Gift
  • Tut Vu Vu
  • Galoshins
  • The Beatroots
  • Woven Tents
  • M!R!M
  • Velvet Morning
  • The Belly Buttons
  • Uncle Judas
  • Courtly love
  • The Cherry Wave
  • Battery face
  • Kabobo
  • The Green Tambourine Band
  • The Yawns
  • His Name is Codeine
  • The Mushroom Club
  • The New Fabian Society
  • Ride A White Wave
  • Stewart Traquair
  • The Dave Mckenzie Trio


  • The African Carribean Centre – 66 Osborne St
  • The 13th Note 50-60 King St
  • 6pm-2am followed by psychedelic after-party (??DOOR 24??)


  • £10 Adv price from Ticket Scotland
  • £15 on door Sat, 6th September

    Don’t forget to keep up to date with all things Psychedelic in our amazing Captain SIB Podcasts for the world of swooshy sounds and woogly minds.

    Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 53 – Cooking the Books

    free psychedelic musicGood day or good night. Welcome to the latest chapter in our strange journey. We will be delving deeper than ever before into the guts of good music. Reaching further into the cavities of creativity and feeling around up there for some inspired tunes.
    Blasting forth in harmony this week are Black Books, His Name Is Codeine, Unemployment and more besides. Too much to mention in such a small piece of internet.
    So go and take this show. Wrap it around your favourite herbal concoction and set it ablaze. For this is the one and only Psychedelic Freak Out.



    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Monogold – Spirit or Something
  • The Lighthouse and the Whaler – Pioneers
  • Unemployment – Dead Friends
  • Black Books – Shipwrecked
  • Hands – Trouble
  • His Name Is Codeine – Magdalena
  • Tango With Lions – News
  • Equinox – Regardless To The Tides
  • Teleskarn – Atlantan
  • AK/DK – Toucan Tango
  • Show Notes

  • Monogold can be found on facebook and you can pick up their latest album “The Softest Glow” from their bandcamp page
  • The Lighthouse and the Whaler can be found on facebook
  • You can pick up Unemployments single “Dark” from their bandcamp page
  • Black Books can be found on facebook and you can pick their album “Aquarena” from bandcamp
  • Hands can be found on Facebook and you can pick up their newest album “Synesthesia” via Kill Rockstar Records and the bandcamp
  • His Name Is Codeine can be found on facebook
  • Tango With Lions can be found on facebook and you can pick their music via Inner Ear Records and slo by checking out the new album “A Long Walk” on Bandcamp
  • Equinox can be joined on facebook and you can pick up “The Midnight Breach” from Bandcamp
  • You can pick up some music from bandcamp and Teleskarn can be found on facebook
  • AK/DK can be found on facebook and you can pick up their lastest music from bandcamp
  • The Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 26 – Achievement Unlocked…


    Psychedelic PodcastsWelcome one and all to another chapter in the magical journey through the new world of psychedelic music. This week we unravel our tin-foil suspenders to discover some new acts along side a few of our favourites.
    Coming to the show is the interesting Jeff Beam. His album is available through bandcamp and is indeed a worthy investment.
    We introduce a nice selection from the UK this week, with a couple of acts hailing from our native land of Haggis.
    We welcome back the mighty Amplifier along with our good friends from Brain Candies.

    Sit back, get the hettle on and indulge in some fine musical medication. Share with all your friends and make sure you check out all the bands websites.



    Hot Topic Music Tees

    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Dead Black Hearts – How to Win an Argument
  • Jeff Beam – Congratulations on Your Latest Achievement
  • Brain Candies – Sunshine
  • Stealing Sheep – Noah’s Days
  • Magic Man – Polygons
  • His Name is Codeine – Before the Apple Fell
  • Root Deco – Doctor
  • Amplifier – The Wave
  • Antoine Reverb – Little Cabins / Little Castanets
  • St Johns Ambience – Preservation
  • Show Notes

  • Keep up to date with the Dead Black Hearts on Facebook.
  • Follow Jeff Beam on Facebook and make sure you pick up his album.
  • The fantastic Brain Candies can be found on Facebook. Visit their bandcamp and pick up the awesome album.
  • Liverpool’s Stealing Sheep are on Facebook.
  • Magic Man have their album available through bandcamp and you can keep up to date with all things Magic on facebook.
  • Follow Amplifier on Facebook and pick up The Octopus on their bandcamp page.
  • “A Revolt of Sorts” is the album by Antoine Reverb and can be found on their bandcamp.
  • Make sure to check out St Johns Ambience on bandcamp where you can pick up their album.