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The Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 28 – Fear of Aliens…

Welcome one and all to another dose of musical medication, brought to you by the highly medicated Captain SIB. This week we bring to you a fine offering, sure to tickle your tin-foil hat. The show opens with one of our favourite tracks from Steve Swindells and the folks from

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Chapter 12 – A fantastically strange Dooby…

Welcome one and all to another excellent outing of psychedelic music. This week there is a selection of bands we have featured before. A few new acts join the show. Listen out for the awesome Been Obscene. A nice blend of heavy grinding psych with a punch of bass. To

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Chapter 7 – Just another stoning…

What you are about to hear may indeed cause a slight quivering of the eye, a somewhat twitching of the leg and indeed a clenching of the buttocks. We are Captain SIB and this my friends is our Psychedelic Freakout. TO DOWNLOAD THE SHOW SIMPLY RIGHT CLICK DOWNLOAD AND SAVE

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