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The Captain SIB Show Episode 78 – The Crippling of SIB

Some say we have went nuts, that may indeed be the case, if I could find the key I’d open the case to find out, but friends relax as we bring to you 29 SONGS IN OUR SUPER MEGA EYE-POKING SHOW. It was meant to be 30 but ole SIB

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Captain SIB Show – Episode 30 – Twisted Hot-dogs…

Welcome one and all to another dose of Captain SIB’s musical medication. This week we have stirred the magical cauldron of music beyond compare and found ourselves wandering aimlessly into invisible lamp-posts, but we have some fine bands. Returning once more are our friends over in Walking With Kings along

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 22 – It’s going to get heavy…

Welcome one and all to another outing of the best independent music podcast available for free anywhere. Wait till you hear the music lined up this week. We have a fantastic new track from our bandage clad friends over at Here Come the Mummies from their new album, “Bed Bath

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Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 17 – Apocalypse Last Week…

Welcome one and all to another fine selection of Psychedelic music from around the world. This week we have a tasty selection of medication for you to consume, including a never heard before preview of the upcoming Flutatious album. A fantastic outing for Teddy Presberg’s title track from his new

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Chapter 10 – It’s all just deedoodah…

Welcome one and all to another exciting and exotic chapter of the psychedelic freakout. This week we visit many different countries and many different bands. There’s also a couple of SIB’clusives to listen out for, TEA and Deviant Amps. There’s a loud and proud epic from Wo Fat and the

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