The Captain SIB Show – Episode 71 – A Big Box of Crazy

Free Rock PodcastsWelcome to the most brain-stompingly smashed episode of everyone’s favourite medicated podcast. This week has a heavy dose of  beats and bangs mixed up with some grooving rocks n rolls. Heavy to sublime. It’s all here. Gather the family around. Cherish the elderly ones for it may be their last time hearing Captain SIB. Sending your granny on her way this week are the awesome Fozzy, The Complaints, Killer in You and much more. Go over to our Facebook and enter our giveaway for some signed albums from some of our favourite bands. Ride the magical, tin-foil slipper once more as Captain SIB delve into the world of new music.



Joining us this week are.

1. Fozzy – Grail
2. Palaye Royale – Get Higher
3. Habberdash – Superficial Priority
4. The Complaints – South Side Suicide
5. Gates – Walls
6. David J Caron – Claim Your Victory
7. Mesh – Adjust Your Set
8. Killer in You – Creation
9. Feral Sun – Breathe
10. Bullshed – Push

Show Notes

Captain SIB Show – Episode 28 – The quivering eye…


Welcome one and all to another outstanding dose of musical medication. Captain SIB are indeed the bringers of the original medicated podcast experience and the music will shake the hamster from your Granny.
We introduce some amazing new talent to you this week. Some from home and some from far, far away.
The mighty Fozzy set the pace with a belter of a track from their Chasing The Grail album. Make sure you check out our interview with Fozzy front man, and WWE Wrestler, Chris Jericho, available here on SIBtv.
We’ve sneaked in a little number from our favourite comedy muscian, Stephen Lynch, to finish off the show.


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On this weeks show…

  • Fozzy – Under Blackened Skies
  • Something Utopic – Ambition
  • The Detours – One Last Chance
  • Clutch – Never Be Moved
  • Dead Cells – Sunshine
  • Late Cambrian – Those Middle Years
  • Neely – Everything I Am
  • They Said Jump – All Be A Super Hero
  • Firebug – Used To Be
  • Koala – Towels
  • Sasha Raskin – Only Music
  • Stephen Lynch – Crazy Peanuts
  • Show Notes :

  • Fozzy have signed a fantastic new deal with Century Media Records. Pick up Chasing The Grailby Fozzy and smash your granny in the teeth.
  • Get your mits on “Synthesis Physical” from Something Utopic on their website.
  • The Detours have their single available for free download.
  • Clutch are available through Weathermaker Music.
  • Name your price and get your download of Dead Cells new EP, “Tear Down the Heavens”
  • Late Cambrian can be found through Milk It To Deaf Productions
  • Check out Neely’s Facebook page and get yourself a free track.
  • They Said Jump are managed by Rebellion Music.
  • Check out the official Firebug facebook page for all the updates.
  • Koala’s EP can be downloaded from their Bandcamp.
  • Download music from Sasha Raskin for free on the Bandcamp.
  • Check out the fantastically funny Stephen Lynch in his video section.
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 21 – Fozzy and friends…

    Welcome one and all to our very special episode 21. This week we focus our musical findings on the mighty Fozzy. We have created, for you, a rock show unlike any other. Turn it up and crack open your favourite medication.



    Amongst 3 Fozzy tracks we have music from Adrenaline Mob. This band are a face stomping joy, featuring Rich Ward. We also have a fantastic solo track from Rich.
    We met guitarist Billy Grey during the Fozzy gig in Glasgow, his other band are a great dimension of sound, listen out for Dangerous New Machine.

    Could this show get any better? Yes it can. We have an exclusive. Never before heard on any show anywhere. Walking With Kings new single ‘Autumn Brings’. Only just released for Thanksgiving day. This my friends is awesome.

    Also sneaking their way into the set list are a few of the splendid support acts from the recent Fozzy tour. Jettblack will knock you sideways with their high energy rock.
    Sister were a great catch and we are really glad to bring them to

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    Sit back and enjoy the best musical podcast anywhere. Tell all your friends and join the SIBnation.

    Check out our exclusive interview with Chris Jericho

    This week you will hear…

  • Fozzy – To Kill a Stranger
  • Rich “The Duke” Ward – I Give To You
  • Agent Cooper – The Stand
  • Adrenaline Mob – The Mob Rules
  • Jettblack – Slip It On
  • Walking With Kings – Autumn Brings
  • Fozzy – Grail
  • Stuck Mojo – Southern Born Killers
  • Dangerous New Machine – Skeletons
  • Sister – Hated
  • Codejak – Little Boy
  • Fozzy – Enemy
  • Show Notes:

  • We first would like to thank all involved with Fozzy. Thanks to manager Mark Willis for all his help.
  • “Chasing the Grail” is available on Riot Entertainment
  • “Happenstance” is available on Megaforce Records
  • The fantastic Agent Cooper are available on Prog Rock Records
  • Get your hands on Adrenaline Mob’s debut album from the Mob
  • Check out the simply magnificent Jettblack on Spinefarm Records UK
  • As always it is a pleasure to have Walking With Kings on the show. Check out their latest video
  • Dangerous New Machine can be found through 4Records Music
  • We would like to send a massive thanks to Andy at Metal Blade Records for sorting us out with some Sister.
  • Remember to check out our exclusive interview with Fozzy front-man and WWE Superstar Chris Jericho on SIBtv. Not to be missed
  • Stay tuned to SIB for this is only the beginning. Thanks to all of you for all your support and please feel free to drop us a line, you might get a special hello on our show.

    The Chris Jericho interview by Captain SIB


    Journey with us back to The Chris Jericho interview by Captain SIB.

    Welcome one and all to our exclusive interview with Fozzy front-man, best-selling author, former wrestling champion and all round entertainer, Chris Jericho.
    Filmed backstage at the Cathouse Rock Club in Glasgow, Scotland, hours before Chris hit the stage with the amazing Fozzy.

    Also check out Episode 21 of The Captain SIB Show…it’s a Fozzy and Friends special!!

    Now friends…..sit back and enjoy.

    Walking With Kings

    Captain SIB introduce to you, the fantastic Walking With Kings.
    Lead by the talented Terry Chism, this Christian based rock band are indeed a breath of fresh air.
    With the added magic of Rich Ward, the sound of Terry’s vision is brought together in a hard hitting, mouth watering, tin-foil wrapping journey of musical delight.
    This band have energy and passion for what they do. Whether you take a message from the music or you if just want to rock, these guys are the proof that true rock is still alive.

    We caught up with Terry Chism for a quick interview.

    SIB – Hi Terry, thanks for taking the time to get a little SIB’d.

    TC – Thanks so much for the interview. We all enjoy your medicated podcasts and are extremely appreciative of your support of our band, Walking With Kings!

    SIB – I wondered if you could first tell us how the band came about?

    TC – In 2009, I met Rich Ward through a mutual friend to discuss recording studios and techniques. I was trying to learn how to get the best possible sound out of my home studio. As our friendship grew, I offered Rich a part-time position to serve others as the sound engineer at the church where I lead worship every Sunday. Rich helped us take the Ministry to a brand new level without once ever performing.

    We soon decided to put together a rock album that is built on a Christian foundation. Since Rich had worked with Frank Fontsere for so many years in “Stuck Mojo” and “Fozzy”, he felt that Frank would be the perfect fit for the band and would do an amazing job as our drummer. Our bassist, Simon Farmery, later joined when Rich was on the road with “Adrenaline Mob”.

    SIB – When did you first start playing in bands?

    TC – I took up piano lessons when I was 8 years old and started singing in our church choir at about the same time. I began writing my own music when I was about 10. Once I reached high school, I gave up taking piano lessons and started learning full albums by ear and playing in various garage bands with some of my classmates.

    It was a few years later when I fronted my first touring band, “Wall Street”. We toured all over the southeast (US) area, playing cover music. It was an amazing experience. I still stay in touch with some of those guys. As a matter of fact, one of the guitarists is currently in our church band now.

    SIB – Have you always followed a Christian faith or is this a new lease of life?

    TC – I guess I would say a little bit of both…

    I grew up in a great Christian home, but the music later became a bigger part of my life. I stopped going to church and began hanging out in the bars where we were playing. I never really “lost my faith”, per se, but the music somehow became the most important thing and my faith became a lesser part of my life.

    In 1991, I crashed on the road. Night after night, after singing in bars, I started having chronic voice issues from the smoke. The voice issues coupled with the consumption of an extreme amount of alcohol almost cost me everything… including my life.

    So one day, I woke up, prayed about it and was led back home to Georgia, where I got my life back on track and made my faith the most important thing.

    SIB – What are your thoughts on music classed as Christian rock? Do you think in this day and age that the genre can be pre-judged?

    TC – Most definitely any music labelled “Christian” is pre-judged. In today’s world, people like to put labels on things. The world says there is a difference between “Christian rock” and “Rock”, “Christian metal” and “Metal”. To me, there’s great music in both and stylistically, there is no difference. Many want to pre-judge Christian music simply because it speaks of “God”. I’ve never understood that mentality, just enjoy good music when you hear it!

    SIB – There has been a great support building for the band. What’s the plans for 2012?

    TC – As you know, this is the debut year for the band and our primary focus is getting the music heard so we decided to give our album away as a free download on our website at We also made it possible for people to give donations and we’ve had an awesome response. To date there have been thousands of downloads from all over the world and it’s cool that North America accounts for only 40%, the second most downloaded territory is the UK, followed by Germany, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, France, Italy, Hungary, etc.

    SIB – It has been a pleasure having the Kings on our shows and we thank you for all your support. Finally, is there any closing words of thought you would like to share with us all?

    TC – Again, I just want to thank you and your listeners for giving “Walking With Kings” a good, honest listen. The response has been phenomenal, thanks to supporters like you. If your listeners and readers would like to learn more about us or would like to download our debut album (for free!), just visit our website at or visit us on Facebook at

    Thank you again for this opportunity. We love Captain SIB!

    ***Terry Chism

    Walking With Kings have their new album available for FREE download.


    Terry Chism (lead vocalist, keyboardist songwriter)
    Rich Ward (guitars, producer, songwriter)
    Simon Farmery (bass)
    Frank Fontsere (drums)

    This band can be found on the following Episodes of The Captain SIB Show.

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    Check out the official Walking With Kings video..feel the energy..

    We hope to catch up with the guys for a audible interview so stay tuned for future nedication.

    Thanks for reading.