Chapter 10 – It’s all just deedoodah…

Welcome one and all to another exciting and exotic chapter of the psychedelic freakout.
This week we visit many different countries and many different bands. There’s also a couple of SIB’clusives to listen out for, TEA and Deviant Amps. There’s a loud and proud epic from Wo Fat and the marvelous British freakers Hi Fiction Science make a splendid first appearance.
The conversation once more reaches a new intelligence never before heard in the modern age.
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Freaking out this week…

  • H-Beam Tank
  • Hi Fiction Science Undulating Blue
  • The Setting Son Are You The One
  • Colorstar Six Steps On The Moon
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly
    Advertising Junkie
  • Dumbo Gets Mad Electric Prawn
  • The Luck of Eden Hall Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Wo Fat Analog Man
  • The Deviant Amps A Star & The Moon
  • The Narcotic Daffodils Deedoodah
  • NOTES :

  • Purchase Hi Fiction Science’s debut album from their bandcamp
  • The Setting Son come to us thanks to Anders at Smash!Bang!Pow! Booking and Management
  • T.E.A.’s songs “Advertising Junkie” is from their forthcoming album “Say Unity”
  • Dumbo Gets Mad come to us thanks to Bad Panda Records
  • Wo Fat come to us thanks to Nasoni Records and Brainticket Records
  • Deviant Amps “A Star & the Moon” is from their forthcoming album “Magic Carpet Ride”
  • The Narcotic Daffodils – MusicBrussels the collective distr. Fakto Records (Europe) and it’s Oh! Music (Japan) and also on iTunes

  • Chapter 6 – Receiving the medication…

    Indeed it is a warm welcome this week to you all. As we continue our Psychedelic Freakout we find ourselves spoilt with a fine selection of acts.



    Making another appearance this week is The Higher Craft with “The Receiver”, taken from Quest into the Stepping Stone Age, this hard hitting psych track displays THC’s ability to slam their way into your ear drums only to gently massage the nerves with a balance of harmonic vocals and teeth grinding guitar work, a driving drum track that will have the wheels on your chair turning and the tea in the cup swirling.
    Lot’s of acts to listen out for this week as Captain SIB once again manage to pull together a fantastic collection of music.

    Conversation this week will have you reaching for the medication.
    Sit back and indulge yourself in the best at podcasting madness…

    Freaking out with us this week…

  • The Steppes Chicago Oratorio
  • The Narcotic Daffodils Back from Calcuta with Mister Jacky
  • The Is Sleeping
  • The Higher Craft The Receiver
  • The Psychedelic Ensemble The Secrets of your Mind
  • Omnia Opera Big Brother
  • Nick Riff Heaven
  • Dark Sun Feed Your Mind
  • NOTE:

  • The Steppes back catalogue is now available through Cherry Red Records
  • Intro music is by Flutatious
  • The Voice to the intro is our good friend Tim Jones from Stone Premonitions
  • Find new music at
  • The SIB thanks

  • Musea Records
  • Fakto Records
  • Aardvark Records