“Remembering Alex Hunt” Charity CD now available

alexGreetings to all.

Below is a little blog about this special CD compilation that has been kindly put together by some great bands in the world of music.

The Remembering Alex Hunt CD is now released and available for immediate download from Bandcamp. Once purchased, a physical copy will be made available, and sent shortly after.

“Alex had been suffering from a rare disease, called Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). He sadly passed away at Xmas time. ALD is a terrible disabling condition that happens in boys. Sara, Alex’ mum, set up the ALDLIFE charity, a charity to help promote awareness, research and prevention of adrenoleukodystrophy. The charity is also campaigning to get babies screened for the disease, as they are now doing in California. Proceeds from the sales of the CD will be going to the ALDLIFE charity.”


This compilation has been put together by Chris Cambridge. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1- Anubis -Locked In
2- Deviant Amps -Shine On
3- Paradise9 -Distant Dreams
4- Paradise9 -Into The Ethers
5- Nukli -Lounge Lizards At Vines Biocrin
6- Peyote Guru-Inhale Exhale
7- Edgar Broughton -In The Halflight
8-Trev & Kev-Raj Neesh
9- Olympic Clamp Down – Hard Times
10-ChainSka Brassika-Wasting My Time

11- Pandamonium-Salisbury Plain
12- Mr Mountain-Painted Gold
13- Spirits Of The Earth-Water On The Moon
14- Dr Hasbeen-Sands Of Jima
16-Paulovpan-Magic Wand (Sea Breeze Ambient Mix)
17-Aurora-Sinky Starfruit
18-The Peoples Free Republic Of Pandemonia -P.F.R.P.-Immrama
19-Flutatious-Lazy Summer Hazel
20-Nuadem-Hilltop Sunset

Space Ritual – Live – Free Download

Welcome once more to our seasonal SIB appreciation for the magical tones of the mighty Space Ritual.

Here is your chance to have in your collection a rare and almost audio perfect Live performance of these rockers of time and space in this officially licensed Captain SIB/Space Ritual audio rip from the Space Ritual gig, filmed in Glasgow on September 09th 2010.

To download it simply right click on download and save link/target as.


If you want visual then here is our official filming of the show….rock on and space out!!

Peace amd love to all.