Captain SIB Show – Episode 29 – That tastes like Denzel Washington…


Rock PodcastsDrag the hamster from your granny and prepare it for another smashing dose of musical medication. We have wheeled ourselves through the boggy fields of independent music to find you a selection of the finest talents this world has to offer.
We introduce to you Smoothiesforme from Edingburgh. This musical project is the brainchild of 17 year old Holly who, at such a young age, has already garnered the nod from those appreciative of great music.
We’ve got a few favourites in this weeks episode. Hold on tight as Soul Sanctuary rock your tin-foil hat once more and The Bucky Rage get angry about bubblegum.


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Captain SIB are a brand you can trust and we offer only the best and most effective form of musical medication. Administered directly through your ear holes.


On this weeks show we have…

  • Floater – Matadors
  • The Breakups – Better off Alone
  • Steel Toed Slippers – First Encounter
  • Smoothiesforme – Like A Fool
  • Julie Clark Shubert – Let Me Know
  • Dave Crespo’s After Party – Something in the Sun
  • Dangerous New Machine – Shut Up
  • Voice of Addiction – Wrecking Ball
  • Of Kings and Captains – All We Have
  • Soul Sanctuary – Gone Away
  • Cutting Edge – F— the I.R.S.
  • The Bucky Rage – Bubblegum Crisis
  • Show Notes :

  • Get your hands on the fantastic album “Wake” by Floater
  • Wheel yourself over to The Breakups bandcamp page where you will find their music to easily purchase.
  • Steel Toed Slippers are available through Mossman Records and you can pick their music up here.
  • Keep up to date with all the music from Smoothiesforme on Holly’s little bandcamp.
  • Keep up to date with all things Julie on her facebook page.
  • Follow Dave Crespo and his crazy after party on Facebook.
  • Dangerous New Machine Set the World On Fire
    with their album.
  • Visit the shop that belongs to Voice of Addiction and you’ll be able to pick up their albums.
  • Of Kings and Captains come to us through Bymonster Records.
  • Cutting Edge can be found through Thunder Quest Records
  • Captain SIB Show – Episode 28 – The quivering eye…


    Welcome one and all to another outstanding dose of musical medication. Captain SIB are indeed the bringers of the original medicated podcast experience and the music will shake the hamster from your Granny.
    We introduce some amazing new talent to you this week. Some from home and some from far, far away.
    The mighty Fozzy set the pace with a belter of a track from their Chasing The Grail album. Make sure you check out our interview with Fozzy front man, and WWE Wrestler, Chris Jericho, available here on SIBtv.
    We’ve sneaked in a little number from our favourite comedy muscian, Stephen Lynch, to finish off the show.


    Market Your Music

    On this weeks show…

  • Fozzy – Under Blackened Skies
  • Something Utopic – Ambition
  • The Detours – One Last Chance
  • Clutch – Never Be Moved
  • Dead Cells – Sunshine
  • Late Cambrian – Those Middle Years
  • Neely – Everything I Am
  • They Said Jump – All Be A Super Hero
  • Firebug – Used To Be
  • Koala – Towels
  • Sasha Raskin – Only Music
  • Stephen Lynch – Crazy Peanuts
  • Show Notes :

  • Fozzy have signed a fantastic new deal with Century Media Records. Pick up Chasing The Grailby Fozzy and smash your granny in the teeth.
  • Get your mits on “Synthesis Physical” from Something Utopic on their website.
  • The Detours have their single available for free download.
  • Clutch are available through Weathermaker Music.
  • Name your price and get your download of Dead Cells new EP, “Tear Down the Heavens”
  • Late Cambrian can be found through Milk It To Deaf Productions
  • Check out Neely’s Facebook page and get yourself a free track.
  • They Said Jump are managed by Rebellion Music.
  • Check out the official Firebug facebook page for all the updates.
  • Koala’s EP can be downloaded from their Bandcamp.
  • Download music from Sasha Raskin for free on the Bandcamp.
  • Check out the fantastically funny Stephen Lynch in his video section.
  • Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 23 – The Sending of Adjectives…


    Welcoming one and all to another tin-foil’d prescription of musical medication. This week we have a nice selection of new psychedelic madness to indulge your ears and mind.
    Opening the show is a new track from Ohead’s new album “Visitor”. Ohead is the brainchild of Dave Hendry and we were lucky enough to be introduced to the music by Tim Jones from Stone Premonitions.
    We stubbed our big toe on the superb Spyrals and thoroughly enjoyed the album.
    Hollow mirrors are also back along with the phenomenal Sleepin Pillow. So strap on the magical slippers and prepare to have your brains blown out. By music.



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    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Ohead – Alluvial Morte
  • Hollow Mirrors – Red Hot Rat
  • Sleepin Pillow – Dope
  • Incomplete Neighbor – Welcome Wind
  • Mr Gnome – Bit of Tongue
  • The Spyrals – Lonely Eyes
  • YOURS – Fast Friends in Slow Motion
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly – Border Station
  • Akahum – Aalach
  • Secret Skwirl – Blow it Away
  • Show Notes :

  • As always it’s a big thanks to Tim Jones for the freakout intro. Don’t forget to check out his Alchemical Radio show
  • Pick up the amazing musical album from Hollow Mirrors on their Bandcamp.
  • Have a wander round the new Sleepin Pillow shop and buy the albums.
  • Check out the new song from Incomplete Neighbor on their Facebook page.
  • The fantastic Mr Gnome come to us through El Marko Records and get your hands on some Gnome style merch in their shop.
  • Get the self tiltled EP from The Spyrals on their bandcamp.
  • Portland band YOURS are also hovering around Bandcamp, pick up their music.
  • Tunnelmental’s Nigel R Mitchell will be hitting London this year, keep your ears open for any gigs.
  • Keep up to date with Dave and the folks at Akahum on their facebook page.
  • Join the Secret Skwirl on facebook and catch all of their Skwirl’ing.
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 10 – Scream for me Denzel Washington…

    Welcome all to Episode 10 of the groundbreaking Captain SIB Show. This week there are a whole load of new bands to look out for. The conversation is indeed riveting with our usual guests. Tam is here with his culinary documentary series and also Police Cunt-Stubble Brown will pop on in with his wise words of advice.


    Sit on back and indulge in your medication, let Captain SIB entertain you and prove why we are indeed the Number 1 stop for podcasting madness.

    On this show you will hear….

  • The Key Hey
  • AppleSpacebar Blinded
  • Radio Drive-by Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Larry Miller As Blue as it Gets
  • Jeffrey James Goin Back Down
  • The Narwhals The Morning
  • Stan Ridgway Turn a Blind Eye
  • Ultra Mega Technoband Zoo in Sight
  • Comasoft 10 Volt
  • Language Room I Want to Scream
  • STAND Generation Me
  • The Red Show Post Apocalyptic Honeybee
  • *All music is provided by the artists or labels. Captain SIB hold all rights to the creative efforts of this podcast. License and approval comes from the labels and artist, Captain SIB do occasionally enjoy some burnt toast with peanut butter. Tea is also important. Any donations that you wish to make can be sent to us in the form of a shoe.
    UNDER THE PROTECTION ACT OF 1957 one does not attempt to be reduced into a fine liquid and consumed, but from time to time Captain SIB is best consumed under the influence of medication.