The Captain SIB Show Episode 14 – Walking With Kings and SIBs…

Welcome one and all to a very special, star studded episode 14.
This week we are humbled by the talent on display and you shall find yourself humbled also.
First we would like to say that Helldorado are infact from Stavanger, Norway. Our research department have been fired. Our conversation this week has it’s downs and a little less up as would be expected. It’s indeed froot to have once again the mighty Fozzy part of the show. Walking With Kings smashes their way through our tin-foil headphones with an exclusive single from their forth coming album, “Leap of Faith.


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Be sure to check out Terra Naomi’s facebook for her full bio, very impressive.
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Peace and happy SIB’ings to all.

This week you shall hear…

  • Helldorado Drinking Song
  • We Could Build an Empire Fall Free
  • Here Come the Mummies Carnal Carnival
  • Wiretree Make Up
  • Leaders Led Can’t Turn Back
  • Brianna Gaither Let It Go
  • Terra Naomi You for Me
  • Bandito Dead Man Running
  • Fozzy Broken Soul
  • Walking With Kings Leap of Faith
  • Lucy T For the Wreck-ord
  • NOTES :

  • Big thanks to Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions (CCAP) for hooking us up with Helldorado
  • Download 8 FREE tracks from the Mummies
  • Wiretree come to us thanks to Cobaltworks Music
  • Leaders Led come to us thanks to Alex at Seismic Entertainment
  • Download Brianna’s music from and leave a wee tip
  • Get Terra Naomi’s music on Itunes and
  • Fozzy come to us thanks to Riot Entertainment
  • Walking With Kings debut album will be available on 1/1/2012
    Stay tuned to Captain SIB for more from the Kings.