Captain SIB Show – Episode 28 – The quivering eye…


Welcome one and all to another outstanding dose of musical medication. Captain SIB are indeed the bringers of the original medicated podcast experience and the music will shake the hamster from your Granny.
We introduce some amazing new talent to you this week. Some from home and some from far, far away.
The mighty Fozzy set the pace with a belter of a track from their Chasing The Grail album. Make sure you check out our interview with Fozzy front man, and WWE Wrestler, Chris Jericho, available here on SIBtv.
We’ve sneaked in a little number from our favourite comedy muscian, Stephen Lynch, to finish off the show.


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On this weeks show…

  • Fozzy – Under Blackened Skies
  • Something Utopic – Ambition
  • The Detours – One Last Chance
  • Clutch – Never Be Moved
  • Dead Cells – Sunshine
  • Late Cambrian – Those Middle Years
  • Neely – Everything I Am
  • They Said Jump – All Be A Super Hero
  • Firebug – Used To Be
  • Koala – Towels
  • Sasha Raskin – Only Music
  • Stephen Lynch – Crazy Peanuts
  • Show Notes :

  • Fozzy have signed a fantastic new deal with Century Media Records. Pick up Chasing The Grailby Fozzy and smash your granny in the teeth.
  • Get your mits on “Synthesis Physical” from Something Utopic on their website.
  • The Detours have their single available for free download.
  • Clutch are available through Weathermaker Music.
  • Name your price and get your download of Dead Cells new EP, “Tear Down the Heavens”
  • Late Cambrian can be found through Milk It To Deaf Productions
  • Check out Neely’s Facebook page and get yourself a free track.
  • They Said Jump are managed by Rebellion Music.
  • Check out the official Firebug facebook page for all the updates.
  • Koala’s EP can be downloaded from their Bandcamp.
  • Download music from Sasha Raskin for free on the Bandcamp.
  • Check out the fantastically funny Stephen Lynch in his video section.
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 17 – 12 steps to medication…

    Greetings to all and welcome to the best medicated podcast available anywhere on the web.
    This week is a special 12 song mega-show featuring some fine music. Listen out for Warner Drive. A fantastic band that have a sound built on some nice, catchy foundations. Like their facebook page and say hello to receive a special sampler CD.

    To download the show for later just right click “Download” and save link/target as.


    Although it was only a couple of shows ago, we felt that we should walk once more with the Kings and take another Leap of Faith.

    Enjoy the conversation this week, there seems to be a hint of caffeine induced madness exploding from the medicated minds and by jings hold on tight.

    Share with all your friends and thank you for keeping at the top of
    the podcasting world.

    This week you will be hearing…..

  • Here Come The Mummies Pants
  • Carly Jamison Bring it On
  • Purple Valentino Loosen Up
  • Agent Cooper Tornado
  • Warner Drive Hey Mister
  • Walking With Kings Leap of Faith
  • Annie Stevenson TV Took My Soul
  • Melodramus Soundtrack
  • The Dreaming Society Follow Me Into Forever
  • Shred Rot Scars From Mars
  • Dust on the Radio Truck
  • The Grand Astoria Doomsday Party
  • NOTES:

  • Say hi to Warner Drive on their wall or even email and you will receive a special free CD.
  • Get 8 free tracks from Here Come The Mummies
  • Carly Jamison comes to us thanks to Desktop Recording
  • Agent Cooper are released on The Record Label (Prog Rock Records) and Zero Sum
  • Visit the Warner Drive online store
  • Melodramus comes to us thanks to Ocean Eyes

  • The Grand Astoria come to us thanks to Flower Punk Records and Setalight Records

  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 8 – Drink beer, destroy yer granny!

    Hold on tight to your tin-foil hat!!
    Crack open the medication of your choice and turn up volume as Captain SIB bring you some awesome rock in this weeks episode.


    The chefs special this week are Irish rockers Trucker Diablo. With some old favourites and some new friends, let Captain SIB take you on another musical journey, you will quickly see why we are the first stop for podcasting madness.

    This week you shall be treated to…

  • Fallen Silver – Vamphyres
  • Annie Stevenson – Country Killer
  • Offset Season – Tearin’ Up the Night
  • Diablo Royale – Serpent
  • Melodramus – Frozen
  • Trucker Diablo – Drink Beer, Destroy
  • Trucker Diablo – Dirty Love
  • Use Instead – Complicated
  • Firebug — Paradise
  • Sunset Riot – Rain
  • Holdcell – Ride
  • Clutch – Open up the Border

  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 4 – Hoodoo Operator

    Welcome to episode 4 of The Captain SIB Show.
    Its balls to the wall ROCK… with a melodic interlude from Ben Rusch
    Also featuring Scottish riot bringers The Bucky Rage
    and 2 tracks from WWE legend Chris Jericho’s awesome band Fozzy



    You will also hear noise from this mob…

  • Eletrika Train
  • Soundtrack to a Blockbuster Anarchy
  • The Bucky Rage Necropolis Now
  • The Hardy Souls Certain Feeling
  • Drive-by Truckers  Tornados
  • Ben Rusch Adam and Eve
  • Matt O’Neill Mr Midnight
  • Sunset Riot Rattlesnake
  • Fozzy Watch Me Shine
  • Fozzy Under Blackened Skies
  • Clutch Hoodoo Operator
  • New Generation Superstars Star
  • The Captain SIB Show Episode 1 – The therapy begins

    The pilot episode of the popular podcast series. WARNING : Contains lanuage that some may find offensive.
    Welcome to the world of Captain SIB
    In this episode we introduce you to what makes the SIB tick. Our mission is to explore the world of independent music, featuring bands from our homeland of Scotland, as well as selecting the finest independent music from around the world.
    What you are about to hear was the beginning of our medication. If you have journeyed back from a later episode then we thank you and hope you enjoy the slightly different ride.



    You will get to know our presenter, some call him Iain, some call him Doobie Doo and many just describe him as some guy. His medicated theories on life give you, the listener, a chance to be confused and sometimes painfully depressed.

    Once you battle through his rantings you will not be disappointed with the selection of music on offer in episode 1, unless, of course, the music isn’t to your taste then we do suspect that you will be left slighty buduffled.

    With that said, sit on back and kick off the holey shoe, get the kettle on and prepare yourself to be transported into the land of SIB.

    You will hear on this show…

  • Here Come the Mummies Carnal Carnival
  • GiroBabies Stalker Drama
  • Clutch The Mob Goes Wild
  • Annie Stevenson TV Took My Soul
  • Promize  Unholy
  • Madison Chase Trapeze
  • Maria Kanellis Fantasy
  • Floater Ghost in the Making
  • Fozzy Grail