The Captain SIB Show – Episode 71 – A Big Box of Crazy

Free Rock PodcastsWelcome to the most brain-stompingly smashed episode of everyone’s favourite medicated podcast. This week has a heavy dose of  beats and bangs mixed up with some grooving rocks n rolls. Heavy to sublime. It’s all here. Gather the family around. Cherish the elderly ones for it may be their last time hearing Captain SIB. Sending your granny on her way this week are the awesome Fozzy, The Complaints, Killer in You and much more. Go over to our Facebook and enter our giveaway for some signed albums from some of our favourite bands. Ride the magical, tin-foil slipper once more as Captain SIB delve into the world of new music.



Joining us this week are.

1. Fozzy – Grail
2. Palaye Royale – Get Higher
3. Habberdash – Superficial Priority
4. The Complaints – South Side Suicide
5. Gates – Walls
6. David J Caron – Claim Your Victory
7. Mesh – Adjust Your Set
8. Killer in You – Creation
9. Feral Sun – Breathe
10. Bullshed – Push

Show Notes

The Captain SIB Show – Episode 70 – Occult Fever

episode70We have channeled many an ill spirit here at SIB HQ. From lazy poltergeists to cuddly phantoms. We have busted them all. In our quest for esoteric enlightenment, messages are constantly getting through. Such as “Keep the noise down” and “I know your in there. I can hear you whispering”. We sometimes even get the odd “Police. Open up”. It would seem the afterlife is not such a lawless place.
This weeks sacrificial lambs include Royal Chant, Alabaster Jones, Super73 and many more. May their mortal souls appease Cthulhu.
So let us hose down the altar and get ready to leave this astral plane. It’s The Captain SIB Show.



Joining us this week are.

  • Royal Chant – New Nowhere
  • Ten Percenter – The Echos that are Lost
  • Sangally – Shaman
  • I Set The Sea On Fire – Monsters
  • Alabaster Jones – Testify
  • Sin Fiction – Donald
  • Phil McEwan – Stay Young
  • Defy All Reason – Shake It
  • Super73 – There, or Thereabouts
  • Sunside – Sick Day at the Rave
  • Show Notes.

  • Royal Chant can be found on Facebook You can also pick up their single “New Nowhere” from Bandcamp
  • Ten Percenter can be found on Facebook
  • Sangally can be found on Facebook
  • I Set The Sea On Fire can be found on Facebook and you can get the new single “Monsters”on Itunes
  • Alabaster Jones can be found on facebook and get yourself some free Alabaster on Bandcamp
  • Sin Fiction can be found on Facebook You can also pick up their album “Led By Verses” from BandCamp
  • Phil McEwan can be found on Facebook
  • Defy All Reason can be found on Facebook
  • Super73 can be found on Facebook
  • Sunside can be found on Facebook
  • Big thanks to Emma Scott for sending over such awesome music!
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 17 – 12 steps to medication…

    Greetings to all and welcome to the best medicated podcast available anywhere on the web.
    This week is a special 12 song mega-show featuring some fine music. Listen out for Warner Drive. A fantastic band that have a sound built on some nice, catchy foundations. Like their facebook page and say hello to receive a special sampler CD.

    To download the show for later just right click “Download” and save link/target as.


    Although it was only a couple of shows ago, we felt that we should walk once more with the Kings and take another Leap of Faith.

    Enjoy the conversation this week, there seems to be a hint of caffeine induced madness exploding from the medicated minds and by jings hold on tight.

    Share with all your friends and thank you for keeping at the top of
    the podcasting world.

    This week you will be hearing…..

  • Here Come The Mummies Pants
  • Carly Jamison Bring it On
  • Purple Valentino Loosen Up
  • Agent Cooper Tornado
  • Warner Drive Hey Mister
  • Walking With Kings Leap of Faith
  • Annie Stevenson TV Took My Soul
  • Melodramus Soundtrack
  • The Dreaming Society Follow Me Into Forever
  • Shred Rot Scars From Mars
  • Dust on the Radio Truck
  • The Grand Astoria Doomsday Party
  • NOTES:

  • Say hi to Warner Drive on their wall or even email and you will receive a special free CD.
  • Get 8 free tracks from Here Come The Mummies
  • Carly Jamison comes to us thanks to Desktop Recording
  • Agent Cooper are released on The Record Label (Prog Rock Records) and Zero Sum
  • Visit the Warner Drive online store
  • Melodramus comes to us thanks to Ocean Eyes

  • The Grand Astoria come to us thanks to Flower Punk Records and Setalight Records