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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 61 – Is this Customer Support?

Massively under-paid and always online. That’s our mantra here at SIB HQ. So depending on how much medication has been consumed, there is always someone at the end of the line. Metaphorically speaking. We scour the lands to find you the best in unsigned and independent bands and artist. That’s

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 39 – Olympic Slipper Tossing

Welcome one and all to another episode in our ground breaking journey through the world of musical delight. This week we celebrate our entry in the London Olympics Slipper Tossing finals with some outstanding, gold medal musical medication. Throwing the slipper for jolly old Scotland is young Holly Drummond. This

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Captain SIB Show – Episode 26 – The Switch of Doom…

Welcome one and all to our ground-breaking podcast series. This week we are searching the outer boundries of musical development for some fine medication. We have an exclusive track from Brendan Benson’s upcoming album “What Kind of World”. There is also a fine selection of new music and first-timers on

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 24 – Hallucination Bomb…

Welcome to another amazing display of musical talents. This week we have put together a selection of music that should tickle you tin-foil wooglies. From his 2002 album “Lapalco”, Brendan Benson kicks off the show with “Folk Singer”. This album has been released and has delicious overtones. Cab 20 are

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 17 – 12 steps to medication…

Greetings to all and welcome to the best medicated podcast available anywhere on the web. This week is a special 12 song mega-show featuring some fine music. Listen out for Warner Drive. A fantastic band that have a sound built on some nice, catchy foundations. Like their facebook page and

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