The Captain SIB Show – Episode 61 – Is this Customer Support?

free rock podcastsMassively under-paid and always online. That’s our mantra here at SIB HQ. So depending on how much medication has been consumed, there is always someone at the end of the line. Metaphorically speaking.
We scour the lands to find you the best in unsigned and independent bands and artist. That’s right. Freshly procured like truffles from the woodlands around Copenhagen. So get your dose of SIBality this week thanks to the musical talents of The New Futures, Brendan Benson and The Nixon Rodeo.



Joining us this week are…

  • Brendan Benson – Eyes On The Horizon
  • Ex Norwegian – Not A Mouse
  • Ten Percenter – The Echoes That are Lost
  • Sick/Sea – Master Splinter
  • The New Futures – Ocean
  • Alive Way – Midnight Rain
  • Circa Survive – Sharp Practice
  • The Deep End – Get On It
  • The Nixon Rodeo – Opposite of me
  • Rust On The Carousel – The Ballad of Bubba
  • Show Notes

  • Brendan Benson can be found on facebook. You can catch up with his new music on ReadyMade Records
  • Ex Norwegian can be found on Facebook Their new album “Crack” can be found on Bandcamp.
  • Ten Percenter can be found on facebook
  • Sick/Sea be found on facebook
  • Their new album “Moral Compass” can be found on Bandcamp.
  • The New Futures can be found on facebook
  • Big thanks to Emma Scott over at In At The Eye Records for sending over such awexome music
  • Alive Way can be found on facebook
  • Circa Survive can be found on Facebook
  • The Deep End can be found on facebook Their new album “Cop This” can be found on Bandcamp.
  • The Nixon Rodeo can be found on facebook. Their new album “The Understatement” can be found on Bandcamp.
  • Rust On The Carousel can be found on facebook
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 39 – Olympic Slipper Tossing

    Free Rock PodcastsWelcome one and all to another episode in our ground breaking journey through the world of musical delight.
    This week we celebrate our entry in the London Olympics Slipper Tossing finals with some outstanding, gold medal musical medication.
    Throwing the slipper for jolly old Scotland is young Holly Drummond. This teenage singer, songwriter has take the local musical world by storm with her new ep “Cloud Nine”.
    We have a special track from the new Brendan Benson album, “What Kind of World” along with a granny smashing new song from UK rockers Boomin.

    As per usual we leave it up to you to decided if the medication pre3scribed hits the spot, make sure to check out all the bands pages and drop us a hello over on facebook.


    To download the show simply right click on download and save link/target as.

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    Joining us this week are…

  • Floater – An Apology
  • The Siren Tower – The Road
  • Holly Drummond – Girl That You Don’t Know
  • Gitla – The Whistle
  • Wake Owl – Wild Country
  • Brendan Benson – What Kind Of World
  • Sierra Fin – Lost Man’s Lie
  • Studio Nine – Sleight of Hand
  • Boomin – Original Junkie
  • Soul Identity – Only You
  • Voodoo Bunnies – Citadel

  • Floater can be found on facebook and you can pick up their music from their Floater Shop
  • The Siren Tower can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “A History Of Houses” from bandcamp
  • Holly Drummond can be found on facebook and you can pick up some free music from her bandcamp page.
  • Gitla can be found on facebook and you can pick up free music when you like the page.
  • Wake Owl can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Wild Country” from bandcamp
  • Brendan Benson can be found on facebook and you can pick up his new album “What Kind of World” now from his label Readymade Records.
  • Sierra Fin can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Cautionary Tale of The Beautiful Blackout” from bandcamp
  • Studio Nine can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Watch Me Burn”from bandcamp
  • Boomin can be found on facebook and on Monday August 13th 2012 – They Release their Debut Album Worldwide. Pre-order now
  • Soul Identity can be found on facebook
  • Voodoo Bunnies can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “The Story So Far” from bandcamp
  • Captain SIB Show – Episode 26 – The Switch of Doom…


    Welcome one and all to our ground-breaking podcast series. This week we are searching the outer boundries of musical development for some fine medication.
    We have an exclusive track from Brendan Benson’s upcoming album “What Kind of World”.
    There is also a fine selection of new music and first-timers on The Captain SIB Show this week.


    Amongst this selection are a fantastic new band from down in the land of Eng – Gem and the Deadheads. One to keep a tin-foil ear on.
    Market Your Music

    We thoroughly enjoyed A Minor Bird’s talents with their album, “Where The River Breaks Free” which is very much worth some investment.
    Core 10 also bash your face in with with their track ‘Playground’.

    Charge up your welly boots and construct yourself a crazy jig. This will have your granny reaching for the switch of doom.

    On this weeks show we have…

    Agent Cooper – Mother
    Closeaway – Victoria
    A Burning Century – Lucid Dreaming
    A Minor Bird – Occurrence At The Well
    Brendan Benson – Bad For Me
    The Standards – Mice
    Gem and the Deadheads – Velvet
    Monks of Mellonwah – Neurogenesis
    4Man Machine – The Autobahn
    The Eletric Heathens – IKR
    Core 10 – Playground

    Show Notes :
    Check out Agent Cooper when they tour with Tony MacAlpine. All tour info available here.
    Check out Closeaway’s music on their facebook.
    A Minor Bird are touring all over Ohio. Why not check the dates and hit them up.
    Brendan Benson’s new record label is Readymade Records.
    The Standards are available through Schnapps House Records.

    The Captain SIB Show – Episode 24 – Hallucination Bomb…

    Welcome to another amazing display of musical talents. This week we have put together a selection of music that should tickle you tin-foil wooglies.
    From his 2002 album “Lapalco”, Brendan Benson kicks off the show with “Folk Singer”. This album has been released and has delicious overtones.
    Cab 20 are back with their sounds. This is a band you will look forward to hearing more from this year.
    We’ve played The Black Rats before but we felt this song needed to have another airing. This Scottish clan of merry music makers are indeed making moves through the circuit, rocking out venues all over the country.
    Lets say hello again to Dangerous New Machine, featuring Fozzy guitarist Billy Grey. Also from Napalm Records, the spacelords, Monster Magnet are here to induce the medication with a track from their album Mastermind.



    Sit back, slap yer granny in the face and rock it like a sprocket with the best musical podcast available anywhere in the land of medication.
    If your friends are feeling a bit queer then let them try some too. Our podcasts cure everything from baldness to ugliness and fish odour syndrome. Clinically not proven.

    Jigging with us this week are…

  • Brendan Benson – Folks Singer
  • The Black Rats – Back Passionate Love
  • Cab 20 – Gravedigger
  • Language Room – Quiet Eyes
  • Stand – The Living Kind
  • Melodramus – Fly Away
  • Maria Kanellis – Fantasy
  • Dangerous New Machine – Burn
  • Monster Magnet – Hallucination Bomb
  • Afterlife – Don’t Come Crying To Me
  • The Longest Day – Kamikaze Dream
  • Show Notes :

  • Brendan Benson will release his 5th solo album, “What Kind of World” on the 21st April 2012 through his new self created record label ReadyMade Music.
  • If you are in the Glasgow area on Thursday 12th January then pop over to King Tut’s and check out The Black Rats live.
  • Pick up Cab 20’s music on Itunes.
  • Stand are lining up for a tour in the US. They can be found with Paper Scissors Rock!
  • Melodramus comes to us thanks to Sumthing Distribution ,Ocean Eyes Records and Song Haus Music.
  • Dangerous New Machine can be found through 4Records Music
  • The Longest Day are endorsed by SONTRONICS MICS.
  • Maria Kenllis can been seen with Ring of Honour wrestling in the US.
  • Monster Magnets “Mastermind” can be found on Itunes through Napalm Records.
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 17 – 12 steps to medication…

    Greetings to all and welcome to the best medicated podcast available anywhere on the web.
    This week is a special 12 song mega-show featuring some fine music. Listen out for Warner Drive. A fantastic band that have a sound built on some nice, catchy foundations. Like their facebook page and say hello to receive a special sampler CD.

    To download the show for later just right click “Download” and save link/target as.


    Although it was only a couple of shows ago, we felt that we should walk once more with the Kings and take another Leap of Faith.

    Enjoy the conversation this week, there seems to be a hint of caffeine induced madness exploding from the medicated minds and by jings hold on tight.

    Share with all your friends and thank you for keeping at the top of
    the podcasting world.

    This week you will be hearing…..

  • Here Come The Mummies Pants
  • Carly Jamison Bring it On
  • Purple Valentino Loosen Up
  • Agent Cooper Tornado
  • Warner Drive Hey Mister
  • Walking With Kings Leap of Faith
  • Annie Stevenson TV Took My Soul
  • Melodramus Soundtrack
  • The Dreaming Society Follow Me Into Forever
  • Shred Rot Scars From Mars
  • Dust on the Radio Truck
  • The Grand Astoria Doomsday Party
  • NOTES:

  • Say hi to Warner Drive on their wall or even email and you will receive a special free CD.
  • Get 8 free tracks from Here Come The Mummies
  • Carly Jamison comes to us thanks to Desktop Recording
  • Agent Cooper are released on The Record Label (Prog Rock Records) and Zero Sum
  • Visit the Warner Drive online store
  • Melodramus comes to us thanks to Ocean Eyes

  • The Grand Astoria come to us thanks to Flower Punk Records and Setalight Records