Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 24 – Waving Like a Looney…


Welcome one and all to another dose of musical medication. This week we don the tin-foil hat once more for another fantastic display in the new wave of Psychedelic Music.
There are many bands this week indeed worthy of your time. Song of the week is going to Brain Candies and their tune “Elephant Man”. This track is a freebie from their Bandcamp page and is about good old Joseph Merrik.
Amongst the selection of new music there is another play for Kava Kava and we bring back the face-smashing, mind-bending, adjective-inducing Kingbathmat.


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Strap on those tin-foil suspenders and take a wander with us as we prescribe to you another great musical experience.

Freaking with us this week are…

  • Darxtar – Tombola
  • Kjarr – Quantum Leap
  • Brain Candies – Elephant Man
  • The Luck of Eden Hall – A Drop in the Ocean
  • Sundress – Derelict
  • Their Planes Will Block Out the Sun – Youth and Angels
  • Save the Clocktower – Sinking Ship
  • Kava Kava – Gil
  • The Red Plastic Buddha – Waves
  • Kingbathmat – Dives and Pauper

  • Darxtar are now available through TRANSUBSTANS Records. They have a new album on the way so keep an ear open here on
  • Make sure to check out the fantastic album from Kjarr on the mighty Bandcamp.
  • Brain Candies can be found with Bahari Records.
  • The Luck of Eden Hall are brought to us thanks to Myopic Records. Look out for the Butterfly Revolutions Volume 2 on their website.
  • Pick up the latest music from Sundress on their bandcamp page.
  • Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun can be boarded via their bandcamp page for some musical fun.
  • Check out more music from Save The Clocktower inside their Soundcloud.
  • Kava Kava are a fantastic act very much worthy of your time. Check their official page out on
  • The Red Plastic Buddha are available through Space Cat Recordings
  • Lots of free music can be found by the brilliant Kingbathmat on their website.