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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 62 – Stop Smelling The Neighbour’s Baby

Slice up your favourite snaking object and indulge in the purest medication available on the internet.
Share with all you know and help the bands expand their world.

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 53 – Animal Lovers

Animals. Love them or hate them, one thing is for certain. They are stupid. Its not their fault and here at SIB HQ we hope to change all that.

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 46 – I Believe I Can Fly

Try as we may. Try as we might. We just can’t get our slippers right. Indeed friends, it’s that time of week when Captain SIB conjure up some magical, musical delight. This time round we hit back to November of 2012 with this fine line-up….We have the likes of Faded

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The Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 31 – Devil’s Harvest…

Welcome one and all to another prescription of your favourite musical medication. This week we crack open the jaws of life to give a tin-foil’d birth to some new bands for your enjoyment. We start the show with a couple of belters that have been with us before. The amazingingly

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 32 – SIB’rs Assemble…

It is indeed a warm greeting to all of you this week and a special hello to all of the new SIB’rs that have joined us over the last couple of months. This weeks show is a wee cracker with a few hidden splendours. Big thanks to Rob over at

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