Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 33 – Musical Owls

Free Psychedelic Music ShowWelcome one and all to another dose of your favourite musically medicated podcast show. This week, we peel back our tin-foil’d scalp to reveal a fine selection of new psychedelic music. Perfectly prescribed to cure your summer time blues.
We have some belters this week. Conspiracy of Owls come from Burger Records and their 2010 album is a psych’tastical journey through musical sounds.
There are plenty of bands to get your ears a-wiggle. Remember to gawp at the new single from The Psychedelic Ensemble.

Sit back and drift away to a land of swooshy colours and shiny foil dreams. Share with all your freaky friends and drop on over and say hello on facebook.



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Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Banjo Goiter – Cossack Sneak Attack
  • Gap Dream – My Other Man
  • Conspiracy of Owls – Let The Sirens Go
  • Grandparents – Fumes
  • Coast Jumper – For Youth
  • Fainted Paces – No Conformities
  • Darren David Colvin – Musical Interlude
  • The Psychedelic Ensemble – Silent Sam
  • Krom Lek – Taking Warmth From a Star
  • I, Synthesist – Hello Virginia


  • Banjo Goiter can be followed on facebook
  • Gap Dream can be followed on facebook and you can pick up their self titled album from BandCamp
  • Conspiracy of Owls can be followed on facebook and you can pick up their album from BandCamp via Burger Records
  • Grandparents can be followed on facebook and you can pick up their album “Fumes” from BandCamp
  • Coast Jumper can be followed on facebook and you can pick up their album “Grand Opening” from BandCamp
  • Fainted Paces can be followed on facebook and you can pick up their album “We are geometry” from BandCamp
  • Darren David Colvin can be followed on facebook
  • The Psychedelic Ensemble can be followed on facebook and you can pick up the new single from BandCamp
  • Big thanks to the magnificent Tim Jones and Krom Lek from Stone Premonitions. Tim also has an Alchemical Radio Show, check it right oot!!
  • I, Synthesist can be followed on facebook
  • Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 14 – Occupy Captain SIB…

    Welcome one and all to another chapter in our psychedelic freakout.
    Brace your face for a flavoursome selection. The awesome Hi-Fiction Science kick off the show. Listen out for the superb sound of Stone In. This band from Israel really are worth checking out.
    Say Unity to our friends at TunnelMental Experimental Assembly (or TEA if thats your thing) and also the supreme musical workings of Andy Pickford.



    Be sure to vote SIB and share this musical brain massage with all your friends. Links to all of the bands and more can be found below.

    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Hi-Fiction Science Metal Terrapin
  • The Luck of Eden Hall This Weathers Better for Velvet Clothes
  • Stone In Take a Look
  • Banjo Goiter Boskops
  • The Shakes Looking for Words
  • Akahum Amber Temple
  • Andy Pickford Night of the Long Knives
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly Border Station
  • Matt Stevens A 30 END
  • Secret Skwirl Jezebel
  • NOTES:

  • The Luck of Eden Hall come to us thanks to Myopic Records.
  • Get Akahum’s newest album on Worldvenue Records
  • Matt Stevens is available through Spencer Park Music and Burning Shed
  • Find Secret Skwirl and other new music on Ariel Publicity
  • Check out It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine for interviews and psychedelic history.
  • Chapter 9 – Tribal Medication…

    Greetings all and welcome to the Freakout.
    This week we have a special selection of tracks to tickle your tin-foil briefs. A mighty track from Alan Davey’s 2009 album “Electric Devils” sets the head nodding and the haggis jigging. Little known band Banjo Goiter claim a rightful spot along with the fabulous Asteroid #4. Invest some time and take a listen.


    To download just right click download and save link/target as…

    As per usual we are sure you will enjoy the journey as the conversation takes your thoughts into new dimensions.

    This week putting on the tin-foil hat will be…

  • Nick Riff Tribal Elders
  • Alan Davey Angel Down
  • Banjo Goiter Cossack Sneak Attack
  • The Asteroid #4 Ignition Slated for Eight
  • Andy Pickford Akira
  • 17 Pygmies Celestina XIII
  • Los Furies F147
  • Darxtar Secrets
  • Sapphire Wolf SpacePool
  • Dead Flowers Free the Weed
  • NOTE:

    Banjo Goiter’s EP can be found on Bandcamp , name your price!!
    The Asteroid #4 comes to us thanks to The Committee to Keep Music Evil

    Visit It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine for a splendid interview with Asteroid #4 and also 17 Pygmies, plus many more worthy of a read.

    All of Andy Pickford’s music is available through all online musical departments.
    17 Pygmies available through Trakwerx Records
    Los Furies are available through Sadness Disco
    Darxtar are brought to us by Nasoni Records
    Intro music is by Flutatious
    Some of the bands above can also be found on

    The Voice to the intro is our good friend Tim Jones from Stone Premonitions
    Tim Jone’s Alchemical Radio Show can be found on Radio6 International, he plays Captain SIB’s music, yes that’s right, we’re not just a brand. We’re a band.