The Captain SIB Show – Episode 51 – Welcome One and All

Free Rock PodcastsHaven’t you read the papers? Us neither. Thats why this weeks Captain SIB Show is 100% reality free.
Thats right. Not one utterance of current affairs. No talk of the weather. Just some unintelligent rattlings and some awesome music. It’s almost like Radio 1 but far more sensible.
So throw your dog from the car window and rejoice. Let Captain SIB take you by the ears on another journey of musical excellence.

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It’s your music. You love it. We love it. So get it out there. Really out there…


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Joining us this week are…

  • We Could Build an Empire – Finest Work
  • Diamond Youth – Lola
  • Hungry Mountain – Catherine pt2
  • Exit Clov – Unset the Sun
  • The Heavy Eyes – Parado
  • Trucker Diablo – The Rebel
  • Tonight We Live – Forget The Last Year
  • No Exit Plan – Coffee Jar
  • Soul Sanctuary – Gone Away
  • Aperture – Terra

  • We Could Build an Empire can be found on facebook
  • Diamond Youth can be found on facebook and you can pick up their new album “Orange” on bandcamp via Top Shelf Records
  • Hungry Mountain can be found on facebook and you can pick up their self titled album from the bandcamp page
  • Exit Clov can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Jailbird” from the bandcamp page
  • The Heavy Eyes can be found on facebook and you can pick up their album “Maera” from their bandcamp page
  • Trucker Diablo can be found on facebook
  • Tonight We Live can be found on facebook and you can pick up some free music here
  • No Exit Plan can be found on facebook
  • Soul Sanctuary can be found on facebook
  • Aperture can be found on facebook
  • The Captain SIB Show Episode 16 – The key to success…

    Welcome one and all to thee best medicated podcast available anywhere on the web. This week you will be treated to a fine selection of independent music.

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    A new track from The Key is a welcome addition to this show. Captain SIB also welcome back Leaders Led. This fantastic bunch of folks have a great sound and a lovely selection of fans. Thanks to Andrew, Tracy, Valerie and all the others who have taken the time to demand more Led.

    Some new and emerging talent will be discovered this week. The conversation? As vibrant and informative as ever.

    Don’t forget to share with all your friends and social families. Remember also, please VOTE FOR SIB in the 2011 Podcast Awards.

    This week you will hear…

  • The Whiskey Saints Before My Time
  • The Key Higher
  • Aperture Now That You’re Awake
  • Vestascension An Endless Voyage
  • The Brigade She Wouldn’t Let Me Down
  • The Semis Mountain
  • Leaders Led Where the Truth Lies
  • Greg X & Ken Tamplin Love and Hate
  • Soul Sanctuary Lest We Forget
  • Frank Palangi Love
  • Goodbye Delete Sacrificial
  • NOTES:

  • Download the fantastic FREE music bundle for The Key at
  • Get yourself FREE music from Vestascension
  • The Brigade come to us thanks to CCAP (Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions)
  • The marvellous Semis come to us thanks to JulyCity Records
  • Join Greg X on FaceBook
  • Big thanks to Alex at Seismic Entertainment
  • Get Soul Sanctuary’s new album out on Forsaken Memory Records
  • Check out Goodbye Delete on Soundcloud

  • The Captain SIB Show Episode 12 – TEA with Murdoch pie…

    Welcome friends to another hour of fine independent music, brought to you in Captain SIB’s unique medicated fashion.
    With the world entering another period of disarray, we reflect on the weeks conversation points. Though these reflections may only last a second, our case study has reported that, indeed, all is a bit woobly.


    Confused? then good. Rocking with us this week are some fine acts. Listen out for the greatly talented singer/songwriter Joy Valencia. Also 2 songs this week from a fantastic band called The Gallery.

    In this episode you will hear…

  • Aperture The Masochist
  • Girl Meets Boy Lie to Me
  • The Gallery Ballroom of Broken Hearts
  • The Gallery Who’s in the Right
  • Frame and Canvas Butterscotch
  • Joy Valencia Don’t Wake the Lion
  • Maria Kanellis Alice in Wonderland
  • Firebug Season for Change
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly Killing Time
  • The Girobabies Nightmare
  • Orange Goblin Hounds Ditch

  • *DISCLAIMER:All music is provided by the artists or labels. Captain SIB hold all rights to the creative efforts of this podcast. License and approval comes from the labels and artists, Captain SIB do occasionally enjoy some burnt toast with peanut butter, tea is also important. Any donations that you wish to make can be sent to us in the form of a shoe.
    UNDER THE PROTECTION ACT OF 1957 one does not attempt to be reduced into a fine liquid and consumed, but from time to time Captain SIB is best consumed under the influence of medication.