Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 21 – Lock up your Hamsters…


Welcome one and all to another tin-foil filled chapter of our psychedelic musical picnic.
This week there is indeed a wacky selection of medication on offer. We bring to you the grand-daddies of psychedelia, Gong, with a track from their album 2032.
Returning with another mind melting number is Greek freakers Tuber.
From the wonderous land of Eng we have the superb ANTA making their first outing with some tones that will make your big toe quiver.


The music speaks for itself so why not stick the kettle on and indulge in your choice of medication. Lock up your hamster and enjoy our groundbreaking podcast series.

Freaking with us this week will be.

  • Alan Davey – Angel Down
  • Tuber – Smoked Up Notes
  • Omnia Opera – Mr Sludge
  • Gong – Wacky Baccy Banker
  • Nick Riff – Forever
  • ANTA – Apical Dominance
  • Magdalena Solis – Seven Boys and Seven Girls
  • Wo Fat – Two the Hard Way
  • Mike Taylor – Bagman
  • Barbara Delarbre – Hate
  • Andy Pickford – Akira
  • Show Notes.

  • Alan Davey’s new album, Cyber Tooth will be out in February. Be sure to check through his other bands.
  • Make sure to visit Tuber on Facebook and download “Smoked Up Notes” from their bandcamp for free.
  • “Nothing is Ordinary” is the new album from Omnia Opera, available from their Bandcamp.
  • Check out the line-up at KozFest, Kozmic Kens fantastic musical festival down on Bobbies Farm.
  • Check out Gong 2032 on Facebook.
  • Have a look through Nick Riffs discography.
  • Get a copy of ANTA’s album “The Tree That Bears the Equine Fruit” from their little page.
  • “Hesperia” is the album from Magdalena Solis, get it now.
  • Keep up to date with Wo Fat and their music on Facebook.