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15 Hours EP Release by Captain SIB

Posted in Music News by Captain SIB

Have a wee listen to some of our older music with this amazing collection of wonders. Head to bandcamp

Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 23 – The Sending of Adjectives…

Welcoming one and all to another tin-foil’d prescription of musical medication. This week we have a nice selection of new psychedelic madness to indulge your ears and mind. Opening the show is a new track from Ohead’s new album “Visitor”. Ohead is the brainchild of Dave Hendry and we were

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Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 17 – Apocalypse Last Week…

Welcome one and all to another fine selection of Psychedelic music from around the world. This week we have a tasty selection of medication for you to consume, including a never heard before preview of the upcoming Flutatious album. A fantastic outing for Teddy Presberg’s title track from his new

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Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 15… It’s a SIBernova

Welcome one and all to the best medicated podcast series available. This week we have an interesting selection of musical joy for you to indulge in. With lots of friends including the fantastically strange Dumbo Gets Mad. Plus another track from the mighty Omnia Opera’s first album in a long

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Psychedelic Freakout Chapter 13 – Lets have a toast…

Welcome all to another highly medicated journey into the world of Psychedelic music. This week we have some real special exclusives. Listen out for Plan 9 as you will be one the first folks to hear their new track “Pentagon Champagne Room”. Also we are privileged to have an exclusive

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