Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 23 – The Sending of Adjectives…


Welcoming one and all to another tin-foil’d prescription of musical medication. This week we have a nice selection of new psychedelic madness to indulge your ears and mind.
Opening the show is a new track from Ohead’s new album “Visitor”. Ohead is the brainchild of Dave Hendry and we were lucky enough to be introduced to the music by Tim Jones from Stone Premonitions.
We stubbed our big toe on the superb Spyrals and thoroughly enjoyed the album.
Hollow mirrors are also back along with the phenomenal Sleepin Pillow. So strap on the magical slippers and prepare to have your brains blown out. By music.



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Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Ohead – Alluvial Morte
  • Hollow Mirrors – Red Hot Rat
  • Sleepin Pillow – Dope
  • Incomplete Neighbor – Welcome Wind
  • Mr Gnome – Bit of Tongue
  • The Spyrals – Lonely Eyes
  • YOURS – Fast Friends in Slow Motion
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly – Border Station
  • Akahum – Aalach
  • Secret Skwirl – Blow it Away
  • Show Notes :

  • As always it’s a big thanks to Tim Jones for the freakout intro. Don’t forget to check out his Alchemical Radio show
  • Pick up the amazing musical album from Hollow Mirrors on their Bandcamp.
  • Have a wander round the new Sleepin Pillow shop and buy the albums.
  • Check out the new song from Incomplete Neighbor on their Facebook page.
  • The fantastic Mr Gnome come to us through El Marko Records and get your hands on some Gnome style merch in their shop.
  • Get the self tiltled EP from The Spyrals on their bandcamp.
  • Portland band YOURS are also hovering around Bandcamp, pick up their music.
  • Tunnelmental’s Nigel R Mitchell will be hitting London this year, keep your ears open for any gigs.
  • Keep up to date with Dave and the folks at Akahum on their facebook page.
  • Join the Secret Skwirl on facebook and catch all of their Skwirl’ing.
  • Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 17 – Apocalypse Last Week…

    Welcome one and all to another fine selection of Psychedelic music from around the world.
    This week we have a tasty selection of medication for you to consume, including a never heard before preview of the upcoming Flutatious album.
    A fantastic outing for Teddy Presberg’s title track from his new album, Apocalypse Yesterday.
    Another play for Kava Kava and their hit song “Tic”, which was featured in an American tv series.




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    Sit on back and indulge in your favourite medication. Tell your friends and lets make this another recording breaking show for
    Check out all the bands and give them a hello.
    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • The Rabbits Hat – Hippy Anthem
  • The Shakes – You Got Me
  • John Fallon – Drama Queen
  • Kava Kava – Tic
  • Teddy Presberg – Apocalypse Yesterday
  • The Mad Pride – Scapegoat
  • Innes Sibun – Angelstar
  • H-Beam – Catch Up On Some Sleep
  • Deviant Amps – Scar
  • Broken Tempo – Only One
  • Flutatious – Mesmerise

  • The intro voice of the freakout is our good friend Tim Jones from the world of Stone Premonitions, check out Tim’s
    Alchemical Radio Shows
  • Pick up The Shakes new album “Letter to the Dock
  • John Fallon will soon be releasing his eagerly anticipated new single this month, stay tuned and check out The Steppes TV.
  • The fantastic Kava Kava come to us thanks to Chocolate Fireguard Records
  • Teddy Presberg can be found on Outright Music
  • Catch up with the wonderful Mad Pride on FaceBook
  • A new H-Beam album is on the way, pick up the amazingly
    diverse and entertaining “Useful Box of Hair” from Itunes.
  • Deviant Amps have their new album available, check out “Magic Carpet Ride
  • Flutatious kindly provided us with the intro music to the Freakout, they have a new album on the way. Keep up to date with them on facebook.
  • As always it is a big thanks to all of our faithful listeners. Your support with sharing the shows is greatly appreciated and remember, say hello to us on facebook and let us know you support SIB.

    Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 15… It’s a SIBernova

    Welcome one and all to the best medicated podcast series available. This week we have an interesting selection of musical joy for you to indulge in. With lots of friends including the fantastically strange Dumbo Gets Mad.
    Plus another track from the mighty Omnia Opera’s first album in a long time.



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    Freaking with us this week are…

  • Census of Hallucinations New Age Travellers
  • Consider The Source The Transported Man
  • Darxtar We Came Too Late
  • Dead Black Hearts Ambush
  • Dumbo Gets Mad Sleeping Over
  • Ben Rusch Metaphor Pilot
  • The Sunchymes Free Rider
  • Vibravoid Black and White
  • The Magnificent Brotherhood Too Much
  • Omnia Opera Supernova
  • Wo Fat Descent Into The Maelstrom

  • Check out Tim Jones’s Alchemical Radio Show
  • Consider The Source can be booked through Nimbleslick Entertainment
  • Darxtar are available through Nasoni Records
  • Dead Black Hearts are brought to us by Whitesiren Music
  • Check out Bad Panda Records
  • The Magnificent Brotherhood are available through World In Sound and Trip In Time
  • Get the fantastic new Omnia Opera album from their Bandcamp
  • The wonderful Wo Fat are out on Brainticket Records and Nasoni Records

  • Psychedelic Freakout Chapter 13 – Lets have a toast…

    Welcome all to another highly medicated journey into the world of Psychedelic music.
    This week we have some real special exclusives.
    Listen out for Plan 9 as you will be one the first folks to hear their new track “Pentagon Champagne Room”.
    Also we are privileged to have an exclusive track from the new Bevis Frond album, “The Leaving of London”. This is the first Frond album in many years and it is 100% enjoyment from start to finish. See the notes below on how to order a copy.

    To download the show for later just right click “Download” and save link/target as.


    There is so much new emerging talent from all over the globe this week the only way to understand the prescription is to sit back, get the kettle on and spark one up.

    Freaking with us this week…

  • Nick Riff Freak Element
  • Plan 9 Pentagon Champagne Room
  • Dead Black Hearts Spit Shine
  • Sleepin Pillow Holy Monster
  • UbyK Delicate Swarm
  • The Bevis Frond Johnny Kwango
  • Firebug Used to Be
  • The Mad Pride Out to Sea
  • The Rabbits Hat Hippy Anthem
  • Paradise 9 Ocean Rise
  • The Heads Quad
  • NOTE:

  • The amazing Sleepin Pillow are self released and music can be found at the Under the Pillow Store
  • UbyK’s debut EP “Matryoshka” can be purchased from BandCamp Also there are a couple of
    FREE downloads.
  • “The Leaving of London” by The Bevis Frond can be purchased by visiting The Bevis Frond Appreciation Society on Facebook Look for posts by Nick Saloman.
  • UK fans of Firebug can get their exclusive download of “Used to Be” from Tour Dates UK
  • Download “Scary Poppins”, the album by The Mad Pride
  • As always it’s a big thanks to Tim Jones at Stone Premonitions for the use of his voice in our Psychedelic Intro. Be sure to check out Tim’s Alchemical Radio Show every weekend.
  • Paradise 9’s “State of the Nation” EP is available now from the wonderful
  • The Heads track “Quad” can be found on their re-mastered release of RELAXING WITH
  • Check out It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine for interviews and psychedelic history.