The Captain SIB Show – Episode 55 – A Chilli Down the Pants

episode55Greetings to all on the land of Earth. Or those at sea. Wherever you may be. This weeks show is, indeed, hotter than a chilli down the pants and promises to deliver some of the best talents around.
Come with us and marvel at the sounds of Leaders Led, The Dry Mouths, Jelly Bullet and many more.

Tell your friends. They need a lift too sometimes and there just isn’t enough friend lifting going on these days. Sit back. Kick off the holey shoe and enjoy.



Joining us this week are…

  • Leaders Led – Can’t Turn back
  • Mutts – Throwback
  • Go For The Eyes – When The Lights Come On
  • Lovers and Liars – My Tomorrow
  • New Nobility – Paradise
  • Agent Cooper – Tornado
  • Rat Attack – Face Hooked
  • Seasons – Riot
  • The Dry Mouths – Harry Reems
  • Jelly Bullet – Baby Give Me Your Love
  • Show Notes

  • Leaders Lead can be found on facebook and they also come to us thanks to Alex over at Seismic Entertainment
  • Mutts can be found on facebook and you can pick up her new album “Object Permanence” from the bandcamp page.
  • Go For The Eyes can be found on facebook and you can pick up her new album “Six Through Twelve” from the bandcamp page.
  • Lovers and Liars be found on facebook and you can pick up their merch in the little store
  • Agent Cooper can be found on facebook
  • Rat Attack can be found on facebook and you can pick up her new album from the bandcamp page.
  • Seasons can be found on facebook and you can pick up her new album “Ways To Fight” from the bandcamp page.
  • The Dry Mouths can be found on facebook and you can pick up the new album “And Show Us” from bandcamp
  • Jelly Bullet can be found on facebook and you can pick up her new album “First Shot” from the bandcamp page.

  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 35 – A Mighty SIB’ilee

    Free Rock PodcastsWelcome one and all to another shoe bursting prescription of the finest musical medication.
    This week we slap your granny in the face with the return of a few favourite bands and some amazing new talent.
    Hardworking Tim Bennett opens the show with his fantastic song ‘Anybody’. Check out this guy and his superb music videos.
    We also bring to the show, fantastic music from Gareth Icke. The truth seekers in life may have heard of his father, David, who has certainly melted our minds with his theories for many years.
    There are also some new bands from Relapse Records. Royal Thunder and Red Fang, who are all totally capable of bringing your hamster back to life.

    So judge for yourself and find out why we are the best at what we create… 100% musical medication!!



    Joining us this week will be…

  • Tim Bennett – Anybody

  • Agent Cooper – Tornado
  • Daystar – Sleeper
  • Diamond – Fix of Mine
  • Gareth Icke – Remember Who You Are
  • Ellis Ashbrook – Slide
  • Red Fang – Number Thirteen
  • Royal Thunder – Parsonz Curse
  • Holdcell – Flowers on the Hill
  • Baroness – Take My Bones Away
  • Ten Year Vamp – Don’t Be Alone With Me


  • Check out Tim Bennett’s videos featuring Bambi Monroe on his Youtube channel
  • Follow Agent Cooper on Facebook and be sure to check out their videos!
  • Daystar can be found on Facebook and find their music here.
  • Thanks again to Rob over at Deuce Music Management for supplying one of this weeks acts.
  • Keep up to date with Diamond on facebook and pick up their EP “Don’t Lose Your Cool” on Bandcamp
  • Follow Gareth Icke on Facebook
  • Groove on down with Ellis Ashbrook on Facebook and pick up their album “Meridia” on bandcamp
  • Red Fang can be followed on the old Facebook and you can buy their latest album “Murder The Mountains” from their label, Relapse Records.
  • You can get your mits on Rayal Thunder’s new album “CVI” through their label, Relapse Records
  • Nod your head with the folks from Holdcell on their Facbook page and pick up their album “7 Heavy Grins” from Itunes
  • Join the Baroness on facebook
  • Join the Vamps on Facebook
  • Big thanks to our friends at Relapse Records who can be found also on facebook
  • Captain SIB Show – Episode 26 – The Switch of Doom…


    Welcome one and all to our ground-breaking podcast series. This week we are searching the outer boundries of musical development for some fine medication.
    We have an exclusive track from Brendan Benson’s upcoming album “What Kind of World”.
    There is also a fine selection of new music and first-timers on The Captain SIB Show this week.


    Amongst this selection are a fantastic new band from down in the land of Eng – Gem and the Deadheads. One to keep a tin-foil ear on.
    Market Your Music

    We thoroughly enjoyed A Minor Bird’s talents with their album, “Where The River Breaks Free” which is very much worth some investment.
    Core 10 also bash your face in with with their track ‘Playground’.

    Charge up your welly boots and construct yourself a crazy jig. This will have your granny reaching for the switch of doom.

    On this weeks show we have…

    Agent Cooper – Mother
    Closeaway – Victoria
    A Burning Century – Lucid Dreaming
    A Minor Bird – Occurrence At The Well
    Brendan Benson – Bad For Me
    The Standards – Mice
    Gem and the Deadheads – Velvet
    Monks of Mellonwah – Neurogenesis
    4Man Machine – The Autobahn
    The Eletric Heathens – IKR
    Core 10 – Playground

    Show Notes :
    Check out Agent Cooper when they tour with Tony MacAlpine. All tour info available here.
    Check out Closeaway’s music on their facebook.
    A Minor Bird are touring all over Ohio. Why not check the dates and hit them up.
    Brendan Benson’s new record label is Readymade Records.
    The Standards are available through Schnapps House Records.

    The Captain SIB Show – Episode 21 – Fozzy and friends…

    Welcome one and all to our very special episode 21. This week we focus our musical findings on the mighty Fozzy. We have created, for you, a rock show unlike any other. Turn it up and crack open your favourite medication.



    Amongst 3 Fozzy tracks we have music from Adrenaline Mob. This band are a face stomping joy, featuring Rich Ward. We also have a fantastic solo track from Rich.
    We met guitarist Billy Grey during the Fozzy gig in Glasgow, his other band are a great dimension of sound, listen out for Dangerous New Machine.

    Could this show get any better? Yes it can. We have an exclusive. Never before heard on any show anywhere. Walking With Kings new single ‘Autumn Brings’. Only just released for Thanksgiving day. This my friends is awesome.

    Also sneaking their way into the set list are a few of the splendid support acts from the recent Fozzy tour. Jettblack will knock you sideways with their high energy rock.
    Sister were a great catch and we are really glad to bring them to

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    Sit back and enjoy the best musical podcast anywhere. Tell all your friends and join the SIBnation.

    Check out our exclusive interview with Chris Jericho

    This week you will hear…

  • Fozzy – To Kill a Stranger
  • Rich “The Duke” Ward – I Give To You
  • Agent Cooper – The Stand
  • Adrenaline Mob – The Mob Rules
  • Jettblack – Slip It On
  • Walking With Kings – Autumn Brings
  • Fozzy – Grail
  • Stuck Mojo – Southern Born Killers
  • Dangerous New Machine – Skeletons
  • Sister – Hated
  • Codejak – Little Boy
  • Fozzy – Enemy
  • Show Notes:

  • We first would like to thank all involved with Fozzy. Thanks to manager Mark Willis for all his help.
  • “Chasing the Grail” is available on Riot Entertainment
  • “Happenstance” is available on Megaforce Records
  • The fantastic Agent Cooper are available on Prog Rock Records
  • Get your hands on Adrenaline Mob’s debut album from the Mob
  • Check out the simply magnificent Jettblack on Spinefarm Records UK
  • As always it is a pleasure to have Walking With Kings on the show. Check out their latest video
  • Dangerous New Machine can be found through 4Records Music
  • We would like to send a massive thanks to Andy at Metal Blade Records for sorting us out with some Sister.
  • Remember to check out our exclusive interview with Fozzy front-man and WWE Superstar Chris Jericho on SIBtv. Not to be missed
  • Stay tuned to SIB for this is only the beginning. Thanks to all of you for all your support and please feel free to drop us a line, you might get a special hello on our show.

    The Captain SIB Show – Episode 18 – You can’t kill a dreamer…

    Welcome one and all to the best musical podcast anywhere on the interweb.
    This week we have a granny smashing line up of new bands, so good is this line-up that it may indeed cause a slight quivering of the eye and a slight twitching of the leg.

    Perform a jig to the super swell Katie Kerkhover. Eat some toast and hop on one foot to the tones of Sixty Miles Down.
    Also making his solo debut this week we have the awesome Mike Martin from the band Agent Cooper. Mike is also on Steve Vai’s record label by jings.


    Sit back and indulge in your favourite medication as we prove to you why Captain SIB are unbeatable when it comes to medicated podcasting.

    Remember to share the show with all your social families. Take part in the SIB domination and discover something new every show.

    To download the show just right click “Download” and save target/link as.

    This week you will hear…

  • Gary Shutt Wait Till Sunday
  • AppleSpaceBar I Want it All
  • The Red Show Jack
  • The Head Lady Lovely
  • Helldorado The Black Winds
  • The Suburbians Six in the Morning
  • Greg X Victory
  • Katie Kerkhover and the Die Nasties Time Bomb
  • Sixty Miles Down A New Skin
  • Early Rise Face Me
  • Mike Martin 2 of 5
  • NOTES:

  • Gary Shutt’s music can be found on Palisade Records
  • The Red Show comes to us thanks to Pop Pills Records
  • Download FREE music by The Head
  • Norways Helldorado are managed by Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions
  • The amazingly talented Mike Martin can be found on Steve Vai’s record label Digital Nations
  • Also find Mike in the wonderful Agent Cooper