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The Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 61 – A Kentucky Fried Freak Out

Stuff your pie-holes with another musically gluttonous chapter in Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freak Out.

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17 Pygmies Launch Pledge Music Campaign

On Wednesday, July 25, 2012 17 PYGMIES will launch a PledgeMusic site in an effort to fund its next CD project titled “Isabel”. In much the same way “Celestina” was the first of a three CD 33 1/3rd trilogy, “Isabel” will be the first of three CDs in a continuation

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Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 20 – A Five Finger Discount…

Welcome one and all to another display of magical music from the new psychedelic world. You are now reading this in the voice of Anthony Worral Thompson… We are proud to introduce to you some new sounds. From jingly madness to synth’tastic juicy’ness, you are about to embark on a

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Chapter 9 – Tribal Medication…

Greetings all and welcome to the Freakout. This week we have a special selection of tracks to tickle your tin-foil briefs. A mighty track from Alan Davey’s 2009 album “Electric Devils” sets the head nodding and the haggis jigging. Little known band Banjo Goiter claim a rightful spot along with

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