Captain SIB Teach You How…

Once again Captain SIB push the boundaries of knowledge and learning with a fantastic tutorial series. Captain SIB Teach You How.
This week we shall be delving into the world of guitar. Learn how to play a classic song of today. The Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire. This massive hit and festival favorite is guaranteed to make you a success among all of your friends.
If you follow our intricate tutorial closely there will be no limit to how impressive a guitar player you might actually become.

If you really are serious but feel we have led you down the garden path, then check out this amazing online guitar course. Its a shame you didn’t like our garden. It was really looking forward to meeting you.

SPACE RITUAL live at the Glasgow o2 ABC


    Don’t miss this chance to watch the legendary Space Ritual. Featuring Nik Turner, Mick Slattery, Terry Ollis and more of the magical band of brothers and sisters. Captain SIB were lucky enough back in 2010 to capture one their many performances as they opened for the wonderful Gong.

This indeed is a moment majestically etched into the book of time and captured in moving picture format for generations to come. In High Quality and in full length, si back, grab a cuppa and watch the closet thing you can get know to the original Hawkwind lineup. Enjoy the mighty Space Ritual.

SPACE RITUAL LIVE AT ABC 09/09/2010 Filmed By Captain SIB.

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  • Pick up “Otherworld” from most online musical retailers.
  • An Interview with Steve Hillage by Captain SIB


      An exclusive interview with the legendary Steve Hillage brought to you by The Captain SIB Show. Steve has been a member of Gong, Khan and System 7. He has also collaborated with Nik Turner formerly of Hawkwind, Mike Oldfield and Sting amongst many others.
      The interview was recorded at the o2 ABC venue in Glasgow, Scotland just hours before Steve was to take to the stage with the mighty Gong on their 2010 European Tour.

      The Steve Hillage Interview by Captain SIB