The Chris Jericho interview by Captain SIB


Journey with us back to The Chris Jericho interview by Captain SIB.

Welcome one and all to our exclusive interview with Fozzy front-man, best-selling author, former wrestling champion and all round entertainer, Chris Jericho.
Filmed backstage at the Cathouse Rock Club in Glasgow, Scotland, hours before Chris hit the stage with the amazing Fozzy.

Also check out Episode 21 of The Captain SIB Show…it’s a Fozzy and Friends special!!

Now friends…..sit back and enjoy.

Owl Fart – The Cartoon Pilot (of the series that never was)

Welcome to another classic from SIBtv.
This delightful animation was created by Stuart from Captain SIB back in 2007.

It follows the story of 2 ageing psychedelic rockers, Dez and Twav. As they play out their last few gigs as the mighty Owl Fart, they encounter a little more than the mind had prepared for.

The Nik Turner Interview by Captain SIB


Welcome one and all to our special interview with Hawkwind legend Nik Turner. Filmed September 2010 at the ABC in Glasgow.

    Nik Turner Interview Part 1 by Captain SIB
    In this 2 part exclusive, Nik talks about his days in Hawkwind, Egyptian books and pyramids, early memories of music and some other fun things.

Nik Turner Interview Part 2 by Captain SIB

Chris Jericho coming to – 26-11-2011

Indeed it is true. On Saturday 26th November 2011, we will release our exclusive interview with Fozzy frontman, and multi-time WWE Champion, Chris Jericho.
Filmed at The Cathouse Rock Club in Glasgow, Scotland. Chris talks about early times with Fozzy, thoughts on the new album and possible release date.
Also on the same day we will have a special “Fozzy and Friends” episode of The Captain SIB Show.
We will have 2 signed Fozzy CD’s up for grabs in a fantastic competition.
Raise your horned hands of metal and strap on your tin-foil hats.

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Now friends…

This is Grail….from their album Chasing The Grail.