The Captain SIB Show – Episode 37 – 3 eyes of SIB

Free Rock PodcastsWelcome one and all to another episode of our groundbreaking music series. This week we have prescribed some fine musical medication that should, if consumed in the correct manner, enlighten your senses and awaken your Granny.
Wandering back onto the show are one of the finest, most ancient, highly funked bands to ever blast our earholes, Here Come The Mummies are ready to wrap you in bandages and suck your brains out through your nose.
We introduce to you this week a few belters, one of which being British band We Are The Ocean along with alternative pop group Mano’s Daughter, who are comedian Tim Minchins band of the summer.
All this is wrapped around a new single from the mighty Trials and our blend of Captain SIB medicated nonsense.
Also make sure to check out the little ad for The Vernham Chronicles. This is a fantastic little world.
Sit back and indulge, don’t forget to share with all your friends and drop us a line for some reassuring life advice.



This week you will hear…

  • Here Come The Mummies – Ra Ra Ra (Live)
  • Sentenza – Man With No Name
  • Danny Sherwood – Flowers of Happiness
  • Hi Ho Silver Oh – My Confessor
  • Mano’s Daughter – The Machine
  • Aaron Orbit – Open Letter
  • Ghost – Ritual
  • Orange Avenue – Different Sides
  • We Are The Ocean – Bleed
  • Trials – Is My Purple Your Purple
  • Stonehouse Violets – 99 Degrees


  • Here Come The Mummies can be found on facebook and you can pick up their new album “Bed, Bath and Behind” from their shop.
  • Sentenza can be followed on facebook
  • Danny Sherwood can be followed on facebook and you can get his ep “When My Ship Comes In” from his wee shop.
  • Hi Ho Silver Oh are on facebook and you can pick up their album from bandcamp
  • The superb Mano’s Daughter are one facebook and their superb wee album is available from bandcamp
  • Catch up with Aaron Orbit on facebook
  • Ghost come to us thanks to Metalblade Records and Rise Above Records
  • Take a stroll down Orange Avenue on facebook
  • We Are The Ocean are making waves on facebook and they come to us thanks to Hassle Records
  • Pick up their Free Single “Bleed”
  • Trials are floating around on faebook and their new single is available for free on bandcamp
  • Scottish band Stonehouse Violets can be followed and stalked on facebook
  • Author: Captain SIB

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