Captain SIB Show – Episode 30 – Twisted Hot-dogs…

Rock PodcastsWelcome one and all to another dose of Captain SIB’s musical medication.
This week we have stirred the magical cauldron of music beyond compare and found ourselves wandering aimlessly into invisible lamp-posts, but we have some fine bands.
Returning once more are our friends over in Walking With Kings along with the funky H-Beam, Radio Drive and The Semis.
We have a great selection of bands from the UK this week. Listen out for The Last Republic, who are making waves through the music scene with great support from their following.


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Savage Outlaw are a band we look forward to hearing more from in the future along with The Electric Modern.
Roadside are releasing a Charity single on April 16th, with all donations going
to Scope (cerebral palsy) and Derriford Hospital cardiac ward. We have te song in the show this week, show your support.
Sit back and make your own decisions. Smash your granny in the teeth and lock up that hamster.


On this weeks show we have.

  • Walking with Kings – Leap of Faith
  • The Shiny Darks – Stab At Love
  • The Last Republic – The Fear
  • Symphony State – Here In My Room
  • Savage Outlaw – Twisted Romeo
  • The Electric Modern – Lets Get Away
  • H-Beam – The Tasty Plight of Portillo the Hot-dog
  • Roadside – Give It Up
  • Radio Drive – Money You Don’t Own Me
  • Andy Gallagher – I Should’ve Stayed In Bed
  • The Semis – Livin Dyin Blues
  • Show Notes :

  • Get yourself a copy of the fantastic debut album from Walking With Kings.
  • Catch up with The Shiny Darks on Facebook and find yourself a free track.
  • Keep up to date with The Last Republic on Facebook and find their album ‘Parade’ on Amazon.
  • Check out the Savage Outlaw website for lots of info.
  • Kick back with The Electric Modern on Facebook.
  • Pick up H-Beams “Useful Box of Hair” on Itunes
  • Roadside’s charity single will be released on April 16th with all donations going
    to Scope (cerebral palsy) and Derriford Hospital cardiac ward.. Keep up to date with them on their facebook.
  • Radio Drive on Facebook.
  • The Official Andy Gallagher facebook page.
  • Cruise around with The Semis on Facebook.
  • Author: Captain SIB

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