The Captain SIB Show – Episode 19 – Tom Cruise loves them big apples…

Greetings one and all to another episode of the best musical podcast available on the web. This week we have some outstanding acts for your listening pleasure. To name a few, who will knock off your granny with their awesomeness, are The Canon Logic.
Their catchy sound is definitely one to listen out for. Cab 20 have gathered a buzz around themselves over the past year and we can hear why with their track “Cactus”.



Also, it is the return of Fozzy this week to finish of the show. We have a very special interview with the guys coming up as they embark on their Euro tour. Check their new website and join them as the smash their way through the speakers of many.

We give out a big thanks to Ariel Publicity for their support.

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This week you will hear…

  • Floater Home in the Sky
  • Carry the Tradition Rise
  • The Whiskey Saints Green Light
  • The Commuters As I Make My Way
  • Canon Logic Sirens
  • Ellis Ashbrook Slide
  • Cab 20 Cactus
  • Ten Year Vamp Got 2 Me
  • The NowhereNauts Try to Light My Fuse
  • Fozzy Let the Madness Begin
  • NOTES:

    The amazing Floater come to us thanks to Typhon Records.
    Check out The Whiskey Saint’s official video for their
    track “Green Light”.
    The fantastic “Commuters” are available through Communal
    Stay up to date with the freaking awesome Ellis Ashbrook on their facebook page.
    Cab 20 are definitely a band to keep your ears on. Get their music on iTunes.
    Check out the NowhereNauts on Club Rock Records.
    Fozzy come to us thanks to Riot Entertainment.
    Check out the all new

    Author: Captain SIB

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