Chapter 7 – Just another stoning…

What you are about to hear may indeed cause a slight quivering of the eye, a somewhat twitching of the leg and indeed a clenching of the buttocks. We are Captain SIB and this my friends is our Psychedelic Freakout.



This weeks show has a lovely mix of music and conversation.

You will hear some magical music suited for your ears. Andy Pickford is an artist coming back onto the scene with his new album “Pheonix” coming soon. There are many friends on this weeks show, all found in the little place called Stone Premonitions are back this week and I think your going to enjoy the chosen track.
Lets get those tin-foil slippers on and spark one up!

Freaking out this week we have…

  • Hawklords Quark, Strangeness and Charm
  • Tidal Flood Tidal Mew
  • Omenopus Always
  • The Re-Stoned Crystals
  • Global Broad Band Free Palestine Remix 1
  • Sendelica Arizona Spree
  • Andy Pickford Angel on the Water
  • Mr Quimby’s Beard Chariots
  • RadioRay Number One
  • Gong Master Builder
  • NOTE:

    • Mr Quimby’s Beard have an entire album on offer on their bandcamp , name your price!!
    • The Re-Stoned come to us thanks to R.A.I.G records
    • Andy Pickford’s music can be bought from all online stores, also you can find them on
    • Intro music is by Flutatious
    • The Voice to the intro is our good friend Tim Jones from Stone Premonitions
    • Some of the bands above can also be found on
    • Tim Jone’s Alchemical Radio Show can be found on Radio6 International, he plays Captain SIB’s music, yes that’s right, we’re not just a podcast.
    * Sendelica are brought to us by FRG Records

    Author: Captain SIB

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