Chapter 5 – Marmalade and bass strings…

Welcome one and all to another instalment of Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout. This week there are some crackers. A feast for the mind. Musical madness, with conversation including, farming, kissing Stephen Hawking, feeling down and gaseous release.

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“The Lie” from Quarkspace is one for after the tea has cooled and the medication has settled in. A nice mellow number with the correct forming of melody. Indulge yourself in Chapter 5 and if you have missed the others then make sure to check them out. Just check the Psychedelic Freak Out section.

Another big thanks to all of you, from around the world, for taking the time and
sparking one up with us all here in the land of SIB.
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This week you will be freaked by…

  • Ship of Fools Elevator
  • Krom Lek Face Pulla
  • Quarkspace The Lie
  • Reefus Moons (vs Suicidal Flowers) Marmalade Sun (eclipse mix)
  • Deviant Amps Spirit of the Age
  • Country Joe McDonald & The Bevis Frond Bass Strings
  • Stella Polaris Retroglide
  • The Higher Craft Gateway
  • Flutatious Tha I Ban
  • Kingston Wall Two of a Kind
  • NOTE:

    The Higher Craft “Gateway” is from their new ablum
    “Quest into the stepping stone age” released 21st June 2011
    Pre-order now from

    Find music from The Bevis Frond on bandcamp

    Check out Kozmic Ken’s Psychedelic Dream Festival in July.

    Author: Captain SIB

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