The Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 28 – Fear of Aliens…

Free Psychedelic PodcastsWelcome one and all to another dose of musical medication, brought to you by the highly medicated Captain SIB. This week we bring to you a fine offering, sure to tickle your tin-foil hat.
The show opens with one of our favourite tracks from Steve Swindells and the folks from DanMingo. You can also catch Steve playing with the mighty Hawklords.
We bring to you some interesting blends of music, listen out for The Cherry Bluestorms.
The Hall of Mirrors bring a lovely folky feel to the show and turn up your Granny for the mighty Stubb. These guys are hard hitting stoner rock but we thought you would appreciate this medication.
As per usual we hope to surpass your expectations of greatness and you enjoy the selection. Remember we’re on facebook and you can always drop us a line and say hello, we will infact, say hello back. If you love the show then let us know, yarrrrr.

Ok, sit back and strap on those tin-foil suspenders. Welcome to the freakout.



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Freaking with us this week will be…

  • DanMingo – Alien
  • The Spyrals – Evil Kind
  • The Hall of Mirrors – Love Child
  • The Cherry Bluestorms – Fear of Gravity
  • Tales of Murder and Dust – Hypnotized Narcissist
  • Seabright – Escapability
  • Glass Kites – Mirror Me
  • David Studdert and The Rising Light – Stick Yourself In It
  • Stubb – Galloping Horses
  • RadioRay with Chalice W Shine – Home Run

  • You can follow The Spyrals on Facebook and pick up their self titled album from their Badncamp.
  • Keep up to date with The Hall of Mirrors on their Facebook and indulge yourself in their EP “Love Child”
  • Join The Cherry Bluestorms on Facebook and visit their Bandcamp page where you can grab their album “Transit of Venus”
  • Enjoy the wonderful Tales of Murder and Dust through Facebook and spoil yourself with a copy of their album “Hallucination of Beauty”
    Seabright are glowing on Facebook and jigging it out on Bandcamp with the album “Lost Ones”.

  • The awesome Glass Kites are flying around on Facebook and you can get your hands on their self titled album.
  • Stubb can be caught up with on Facebook and their self titled album can be found smashing through Bandcamp.
  • The marvellously bonkers RadioRay can be found on Facebook and you can pick up the free album from Bandcamp.

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  • Author: Captain SIB

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